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Default Radar help

I am about to purchase a radar for my 27 foot center console boat. I want a good unit that will enable me to locate other boats and get their coordinates. I know this probably isn't ethical, but if i am going to spend several thousand dollars on a unit, I want it to do just about everything. I am looking at spending around 3,000 dollars. Any help would be helpful.
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Default Radar help

Even the relatively inexpensive ones will do that, and what's not ethical about it? Anyway if you have GPS input (the radar needs to know where it is to be able to calculate where something else is) even the low end Raytheons (what I have) and the equals in the Furuno lineup will do it with ease.


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Default Radar help

Thanks. I asked the guy at West Marine this weekend and he informed me that the Furuno 1622 and the lower line Raytheon's would not give me the coordinates of other vessels. He tried to sell me the three thousand dollar unit with the 800 dollar radome plus a 500 dollar gps accesory.
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Default Radar help

Thom is right (what else is new ) the lower end units will do that with ease.I had a furuno 1622 that did that job great,but I upgraded to the furuno 1732 4kw and it was night and day, it really depends what your looking to get out of the unit, if its just to locate boats, see markers,navigate safely in fog etc... the lower end units will fit the bill great, but I decided to get more power for offshore fishing and i can now spot birds and storms with ease, and the narrower beam will help you navigate through tite spots much easier. good luck

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Default Radar help

If you want it to do everything there is one step beyond just getting other vessels coordinates. Furuno calls it ARPA and Raymarine calls it MARPA. It allows you to lock on to a target and get all kinds of relevant info such as: if you will collide, how long unitl you collide, the other vessels speed and course, if there are any blondes on board (just kidding). This feature is on just about all but the most basic radars from both manufacturers.

I use it very frequently but only really at night.
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Default Radar help

I have a Raymarine SL70C display (brand new) for sale over on the Trading Dock. After you determine what you want/need, check to see if this offers the features you're looking for.

I think my price beats anything you'll find by a few hundred $$$.

Good Luck with your search

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