Furuno 582L Display Problem Fixed!!!

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Default Furuno 582L Display Problem Fixed!!!

The following was an earlier post-

Put the boat in the water today and turned on the 582L, powered up fine and all seems to work OK except you can barely see the display. Its almost like the "backlighting" has stopped working. Have adjusted the brillance all the way up to its highest setting and that did not help. Only way to see the display is you have to be about 6" away and even than its very hard to see. Ran the systems check and everything checked OK, reset to factory settings and that also did not fix it. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

Following up on a post I made the other day concerning the display on my 582L always being to dim to see. I contacted Furuno by e-mail on Sunday and received a response from them Monday afternoon saying to either ship the unit directly to them or take it to an authorized dealer. After checking and determining the problem, they would decide if the issue was warranty related or not. I called Howard at Marine Electronics in Nags Head late Monday, our local Furuno dealer, and he said "bring it in by 10am tomorrow and we'll have it fixed by 4pm". Well, I was really suprised and impressed at the same time. I removed the unit from my boat Monday evening, stored it in my house and I showed up at Howards store at 9:15am Tuesday and explained the issue in more detail and told them I would be back before closing to pick up the unit. Showed back up at 4:45pm and was told that the unit operated fine as soon as they powered it up. Now I was puzzled, how could the unit not work for me and work for them? After much discussion, the only thing we could come up with was that the unit did not operate outside for me when the temperature was around 40, but it worked in their store at 70 degrees. Never had they seen this type of problem before. So, we decided that they would put the unit in their refrigerator overnight and power it up in the morning. Went to Howards store today, Wednesday, to see if they had any luck. When I spoke to Howard, he said the unit did the same thing for them it did for me, very dim display you could not see. They had already replaced the display screen by the time I had arrived, no charge, covered by warranty. Furuno had followed up with e-mails and a phone call to make sure problem was being taken care of. What I thought would be a very unpleasant and time consuming experience turned out to be very surprising and went beyond meeting my expectations. Furuno, you have a customer for life and I will be doing more business with Howard at Marine Electronics. Thanks to you both.


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Default Furuno 582L Display Problem Fixed!!!


thanks for posting that. After your earlier posting I shot out an E-Mail to Furuno explaining the slow to brightness that mine is doing. I don't recall that anyone mentioned the temperature question but its been good and cool when mine was dark in the mornings as well, maybe in the 50's. Anyway I haven't heard back from them but with the holidays that didn't suprise me at all. Mine was installed, so to speak, in May so the first year of the warranty is comming up on me. If something needs to be done with it I want to get it in to them now. Unfortunately I'll probably be shipping mine back to Washington if it has to be done. It'll take a while just in the shipping, but I don't need it for a couple of months so it doesn't matter. I'll post what they have to say when I hear back from them.


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