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I'm getting ready to replace my VHF and GPS units with new ones and was wondering if anyone can tell me if is a good supplier? Their prices seem better than most others but I have never done business with them.Are they reputable? Thanks for any info and happy holidays JOHN R.
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Default for electronics

Don't know. Take a look at and Great places to do business. Don't forget [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]
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Default for electronics

First place I would check would be Three Rivers Marine. ( Clint and Cindy fine people to deal with and more than competative in price.

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Default for electronics

Almost all of my boat accesories were purchased from I live in Puerto Rico and prices here for boat accesories are high. I search the internet a lot and have found that boatfix has the best prices of most sites. I have placed over a dozen of orders through them without any problem of wrong shipment, bad parts, warranty or credit card. They are reputable, and have an excellent forum, like this one where George and Tabman are very helpful.

Check also

They have good prices for GPS.
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Default for electronics

The best prices I have found are, Daves Marine.
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Default for electronics

Our company just started carrying electronics. We can get just about any brand you can think of and I will be able to beat any price you find easily. When you figure out what models you want just give me a call (410-604-1600) or send an email ( and I will give you the price. The website will be updated with our pricing and products shortly. The prices I will be able to sell for are less than I have found from any mail order company. We used to purchase our electronics that we would install on boats from Port Supply. Their price is anything but attractive. Through some diligent study I found a great supplier with prices that allow us to sell very inexpensively (and yes, everything is warranteed [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] ). I have no intention of advertising so there is no reason why my pricing would have to go up.
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Default for electronics

John R.,
To answer your original question, I have direct experience with George Van Parys at Boatfix, but not with electronics. (My boat had everything I needed when I bought it). I've ordered hundreds of dollars of stuff from him and will continue to do so.

I've spoken with him on the phone on a number of occasions. He is absolutely a scholar and a gentleman.

All of my orders have come through exactly as ordered. As an example of how George does business, I called him for parts for my engines. He directed me to another distributor who specializes in engines so I wouldn't need to pay extra for George to act as the middleman.

On the negative side, I'd say that his ecommerce web site needs a major re-design. Apparently, it was designed for trades people in the industry who have exact part numbers. If you're an average consumer like me, the site is a bit baffling.

Also, WRT to shipping charges, his site does NOT estimate the charges in advance like some other sites. This could cause some surprises, so be forewarned. However, you can direct him to ship anyway you want (put it in the comment field in the order form). He charges you exactly what the shippers charge him, so he does not skim S&H charges.

I am in no way affiliated with George or boatfix. I'm just a satisfied repeat customer.

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Default for electronics

I recommend I bought lots of stuff from them and was very happy.

Ask for George. You can't go wrong here.

John from Madison, CT
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Default for electronics

Boatfix has been extremely reliable in my experience. They are especially competitive on special order items and accesories such as interface cables and transducers. Consumers Marine is also excellent and very competitive. Both companies will stand behind what they sell, no questions asked, and will do the "dirty work" of getting the manufacturer to make things right. That's the big difference between a high volume place like Consumers and some of the others mentioned. When Consumers calls Furuno, they take it very seriously and give better service than when a small outfit calls.
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Default for electronics

Why buy from a place that won't even allow you to mention THT. I have been deleted from there for mentioning THT and now u want to buy from them. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] MArine Electronics online is a better route.

Mako Madness
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Default for electronics

I've dealt with Boatfix on a number of occasions and have never had a problem. I highly recommend them.

Another place I like it Bethel Marine in FL. They beat every other place (I'm not going to name them all) hands down on my Furuno FF earlier this year. May be worth a loo:

Good luck.
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Default for electronics

Will match any price in print or on the web.

It worked for me!! Also they will shave addition 4-5% off if you spend over $2500 and they'll send you captains club gift certificates.

27' Stratos CC twin 200 Johnsons.
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Default for electronics

are you sure about that "on the web" part? I saw someone in here say that West Marine matched web prices, but they wouldn't do it for me. They were actually writing up the order for a new raymarine 10" radar unit for me, and then retracted it when they found out they were bidding against a web site.

It didn't matter to them that the company also had a storefront, if I ordered it on the web they won't match it (or so they claim). I didn't push it, it wasn't worth it since I had other options, but you would think if the outfit also had a brick and mortor store they would have matched it. Nope. I ended up getting it at boat us.

Have you ever tried it personally on a largish sale?
Just curious.

** sigh **
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Default for electronics

Boatfix is Top Drawer! George is a fantastic resource and has always provided great prices & quick service whenever I have needed it. I recomend 'em. Scott
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Default for electronics

Like Mako Madness mentioned, if you mention this forum on that site, the post is deleted.
I would not buy a cupholder from that site.

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Default for electronics

[QUOTE]Originally posted by gerg:
are you sure about that "on the web" part?

The way it worked (for me) at Boaters World was I bought a Garmin 188C with best thru Hull for about $1450, then found it for $200 less on the web. I printed the page, took it into the store (in South Dade, FL) and they credited me on my visa.

Worked well for me.

27' Stratos CC twin 200 Johnsons.
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Default for electronics

Go with Boatfix. George goes up and beyond with great customer service and shares his wealth of knowledge via his message forums.
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