Too much stuff? Loran?

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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

I have a SI-TEX XJ-9 Loran C. It came with the boat. I have added WAAS GPS and a back-up GPS. Is there any reason to hang onto a Loran as well as the GPS? The weather is cruddy for boating this weekend, so I am thinking about yanking the Loran out. Thought I would ask if there is any real reason to even have a Loran on board anymore before I start clipping and unscrewing.

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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

I've never taken the LORAN off my boat - here's how I use it. It's always set to the bell buoy at the entrance to my home inlet. Nice to have a point of reference when offshore, and since it sits directly in my line of sight, I think I might have half a chance of remembering "I'm 12 miles at 150 degrees from the bell" if I ever have a total electrical melt-down and have to resort to hand-held VHF or cellphone, or worse, end up in the drink. Obviously, you might use your backup GPS the same way, and if the LORANs taking up space you can use for something else or just generally in the way........just giving you my reasons for not yanking my LORAN.

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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

A large solar flare can damage the satillites of the GPS system.The LORAN system being ground based radio AM frequences would not be affected and could get you home from offshore if needed.How much backup safety do you want.The loran will not help if you don't use it.
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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

My Loran went the 'way of high button shoes' back in 1997. I now have a fixed mounted Garmin GPS MAP 135 Sounder, I have a Garmin GPS MAP 76S for backup, and a Magellan 6000 GPS MAP for backup to the backup. All for different reasons. I know some people still prefer the Loran for finding a 'pinpoint' return to a spot (wreck). Also, if you have 400 waypoints in the Loran, the conversions will not be perfectly accurate when converted to the new GPS. You would then want to put those waypoints in GPS at arrival at those points. As far as the system going down...what's good enough for the U.S. ARMY is good enough for me. Don't through away the compass!

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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

Alot of the pros still use loran #s and won't switch anytime soon. If you can get them to part with a spot it will have loran numbers. They won't do you much good without a loran unit. The conversion to lat/lon just isn't accurate.
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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

If it is a good working loran leave it on the boat. Someday you are going to get a bunch of TD's and you will be "In like Flint".
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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

Snook - you can have 3 GPS receivers on board, but if the GPS system is down or not working due to weather, it won't matter. The Loran is a great backup since its a completely different system and the chances of both systems being down at the same time are slim.

Anyway - heres how I rigged my system. I have a Raytheon Loran and and a Sitex GPS 90 D differential GPS. Out of the Sitex DGPS, I feed my chartplotter a NEMA signal. I purchase a second plug for the chartplotter and hooked it up to the NEMA output of the Loran.
Now, I normally use the DGPS to feed the plotter, but if its not working (or GPS system is not working) I can pull the plug out of the plotter and stick in the Loran output. Now the Loran feeds the plotter.
Makes my old Loran a little more modern and a great backup!
Of course, all the electronics can function independently if need be....

Good Luck!

Sea Ya,

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Default Too much stuff? Loran?

Sounds like I should keep the Loran around for back-up. Thanks for the ideas, input folks.

Going fishing today!

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