Navonics vs C-Map

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Default Navonics vs C-Map

Instrument space on the console of my Glacier Bay 2640 is very limited. I have room enough for 1 display screen. I've just about decided on a Furuno NavNet instrument and am now faced with the decision to use Navonics or C-Map electronic charts. Any recommendations to be had out there?
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Default Navonics vs C-Map

Welcome - I use C-Map with a Simrad unit and like it fine, don't know much about the Navionics

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Default Navonics vs C-Map

ok I had the nav 1833 c-map. I hated the redraw on it very slow. The navonics is the one i just purchased and love it. Super fast, alomost as fast as the northstar 6000i right next to it. the nav is setup for navonics charts. When you decide to buy the c-map they say F-u live with the slow redraw. Both charts are of equal detail.
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Default Navonics vs C-Map

If you click the Find button and do a search on navionics c-map, you might get some answers here:

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Default Navonics vs C-Map

I think redraw is more a function of the unit than the chart. I have both Nav and C-map. The Nav is on an ICOM 360. The C-Map is on the latest RayMarine stuff. Both redraw fast so there. Both are brand new this year with the latest updates. Much to my suprise the freggin Nav is missing several ICW markers near the Mantoloking Bridge. These markers have been there for years so all I can figure Navionics is really using outdated charts. One of the markers is on a slight turn; miss it and you can go aground quick. This really sucks and therefore Navionics really sucks. Go with C-Map and I would reconsider the purchase. I looked at both real hard and went with RayMarine for two reasons. One the Ray redraw happens much quicker than the furuno and two ONLY RayMarine has digital FF technology.
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Default Navonics vs C-Map

FYI I talked with the Furuno guys at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show a couple weeks ago. They said they have a new version of C-Map software that ensures redraw and zoom as good as Navionics. I looked at charts side by side and they seem the same to me--1-2 second redraw time (subjective--I didn't time it). I used to be a commercial fisherman in AK and only ever used C-Map, so I prefer it. Both Navionics and C-Map are offering new bells and whistles in 2004. Too early to tell who'll do the best job with the new stuff. Best, Matt in PDX
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Default Navonics vs C-Map

quote:Originally posted by Mattsempai:
Both Navionics and C-Map are offering new bells and whistles in 2004. Too early to tell who'll do the best job with the new stuff.

what kinda "new stuff" (bells and whistles) you talkin' bout?

CB Haws is correct. The Chart chip has NOTHING to do with the redraw rate. That is strinctly the software and hardware on the chartploter, NOT the chart itself.

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Default Navonics vs C-Map

I have setup 2640's and 2240's with this RayMarine unit and it fits. We make a shim out of 1-1\\2 King Starboard material. We sand and buff the edges and the color is almost perfect to the Glacier Bay white color. We use the L760RC 7"color LCD Chartplotter\\Fishfinder.

I have not seen the Furuno 7" Navnet in direct sunlight so I do not know how good it is but the RayMarine unit works great in direct sunlight with polarized sunglasses on. Furuno does make very good electronic equipment and either brands make an excellent choice.

Oh yea.....If you have not bought yet you might want to consider this.
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Default Navonics vs C-Map

what kinda "new stuff" (bells and whistles) you talkin' bout?

What kinda new stuff?
Navionics GOLD and XL3
C-Map will have another new chart feature, as yet unannounced but "coming soon"
They're both having to compete with Garmin's Blue Charts, which quite often make the others pale in comparison, even if Garmin doesn't offer radar (Furuno hands down) or "real" fishfinder (Furuno again, though others work well). With all respect due Garmin's displays, I can't hack their baby fishfinder after looking at commercial echosounders for 15 years.

One more thing on chart "chips" or cartridges--the chart chip type does make a difference in redraw capability. SD and MMC cards are essentially by definition faster than the Nav Chart-type cards, as they are based on a different technology. MMC or CF get the nod at #1 because they are parallel devices but occasionally can have problems because there's still pins involved on the inside of the machine. CF chip holes are bigger. Remember, if your chart door is open, it ain't waterproof, it's a sponge. SD cards are a very close second because their serial I/F is not quite as fast, but no pins to bend
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