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Default Moving batteries

I have an 04 Key West 225cc. It has the battery bank located in the rear of the boat. I am debating the move to the console to shift some weight and clean up the wiring a bit. Any suggestions about tackling this? Thanks
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I've got 5 group 29's in my console. Left the starting battery in the back (factory location) and moved the rest for the same reason. 6 in the back was too much weight aft.

It actually made a lot of the wiring simpler as all the switches, electronics, etc... are in the console and the run is shorter and easy to diagnose if you have an issue later. I have two 3 bank chargers in the console and extended one charge line to the starter battery in the rear compartment, but it rarely needs a charge as it's charged by the outboard already.

Just remember to figure on the length of run and proper wire gauge if you end up having to extend any wiring to the console. As long as you use thick enough wire it should be no problem.
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