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Default Stonewalling GPS Vulnerability

Interesting read. Hate to see the US decomissioning Loran. Penny wise, pound foolish.
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So much hype about so little by so few. The same old same old rhetoric that has no substance. Nobody so far has put anything forward that actually justified the keeping of Loran in any configuration, just the same old rhetoric that can not be substantiated.
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Time moves on. In ten years someone will be grousing about those good old satellites being turned off.

Is it possible, that just by coincidence, you still have a Loran, or the hole it used to fill?
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Loran is LONG GONE. Get over it!

Trying to renew an old government contract by any chance?
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The costs associated for satellites and the current loran transponder Db loss, it made no sense to try and keep the loran system online. Especially considering the usable spectrum is a finite resource. Think how efficient the spectrum reuse will be, due to better xmiters/receivers available today.
FWIW there is not much white space available within the usable spectrum....

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