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Default furuno 582l

Getting ready to purchase furuno 582l, and wondering if it is worth the extra$ to get the $350 thru hull transducer. Definitely going to get a thru hull, just need to know if the standard is okay or worth it to step up. Fish the nc waters for kings, and go to stream 6-10 times per year. Installing on 27' contender. Please help. Thanks.
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Default furuno 582l

You're spending top dollar on the finder, go with the bext through hull. It will read better at speed, and give better pickup, range and definition...

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Default furuno 582l


That is a good question. I am planning on buying a 582L soon myself and I am aware of the alternatives available for a transducer. Although just a hobbiest I know a little bit about depthfinders, and a bit about transducers and their instillation as well. At least enough to have a pretty good idea of what to expect from one or another. Over time I've seen a bunch of guys speak about the high performance transducer and I've seen some guys who have started with the standard 525 and gone to the larger one. I've also seen a bunch of guys who seem to have gone into shock when they actually saw how big the thing was and backed away from it.

In my own case I now have a 600L with the 520 transducer. Its essentially the same transducer as the 525 that is the standard thru-hull. I have come to the conclusion that not only will I not bother to install the larger transducer but in fact I'm probably not even going to move to the 525 from the 520 that I already have. Simply put I don't think that the performance gain will be noticable. If it were possible to bump the power output of the 582L up to a killowatt (which it is not possible to do) then I would go for the larger transducer. As it is I don't need to be dragging that much extra lump through the water.

At any rate there are a good number of the fellows on the All Coast Sport Fishing message board that are using them and a good number with 582's that aren't using them as well. You might do well to go there and search or ask and see what sort of opnions you get. Oh, we fish North Carolina waters ourselves, usually from Oregon Inlet, but sometimes from Hatteras.


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Default furuno 582l

I have the 582l with the standard thru hull transducer. It works fine for me at speed, always holds the bottom. I have seen the larger model transducers and they are huge. I say stick with the normal thru hull!!!

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Default furuno 582l

The standard thru hull works just fine. Since the unit only produces about 600w not sure what you would be getting for all that extra drag. Excellent choice in bottom machines. Enough features to keep you busy learning for a year of trips.

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Default furuno 582l

I've got a 582 (CRT). I had a (300.00) thru hull for years. It gave me trouble (probably have a bad cord).

Mid season this year I glued a "puck" style transducer to the bottom of the bilge. I bought it at Consumer Marine Electronics for $90.00.

It is unbelievable how well it works. There is absolutly NO interferance even at high speeds.

The only downside is no water temp.

350.00 sounds high. Check Consumer Marine Electronics for a price. But they are awsome machines !!!!
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Default furuno 582l

I have the 582L with the standard bronz thruhull. Works great at all speeds. I make the run to the canyons about four or five times a year and it works great out in the deep also.
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Default furuno 582l

this ducer (that I use) has a long shaft (what I needed for my Boston Whaler a cored hull) this is longer than the (standerd) ducer it is longer and skiner than the standerd one they want to give me.
I was told it was for a sail boat! (?) what I Do know is that I CAN reed bottom over 200 fm. with my 582L hitting the spot, well that takes a lot of waight.
I'm sure the ducers are airmar, but bought thru Furuno /with there ends that match Furuno machines.
I also have a Furuno 1850DF on board. and have a transum mount ducer(with a speed & temp. they are sepret unit's) in stoped water (salt) 100fm/or600feet... I have turned off the 582 & changed the ducers from the thru hull to the transum mount/// now there is a better picture on the thru hull..
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