Transducer problem

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Default Transducer problem

I have a Garmin 178c with an thru hull transducer. Not a shoot thru the hull but a real thru hull. I have it mounted in a 20ft Gatortrax aluminum boat. It is in the rear of the boat in the center. It looses bottom at about 5mph. It will not read at high speed unless I am making a turn. The turn can be in either direction and the transducer will start reading the bottom. I have physically cut another hole in my boat and moved it with the same results. Any Ideas??
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Default RE: Transducer problem

Sounds like you are getting bubbles sucked under the bow, that are traveling under the face of the transducer, interfering with the signal when you travel in a straight line, and that shift away from this location when turning.

Your options are these in my mind:
Find a turbulence free zone (deepest location on the hull near the transom where bubbles can escape before they reach this area, staying away from a strake that could be containing them).

Use some spacers to vertically lower the face below these bubbles in its current location (an 1/8 to 1/2" lower can make all the difference

Get or make a transom mount transducer that can be placed behind the transom in a location where you see the cleaneast water at high speed.

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Default RE: Transducer problem

Are you using a high speed fairing block? Is it a low profile transducer? As bullshipper said the transducer should be below the hull not flush with the bottom. You need to get below the bubbles that run along the hull. A high speed fairing block will lower the transducer.
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Default RE: Transducer problem

Need pix's of the bottom of the boat and transducer installed. We are gussing.
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