GPS Interference?

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Default GPS Interference?

I've got a friend (really) who has a very expensive Northstar GPS/Plotter. Signal strength is poor so response is slow. The unit was sent back for repair and nothing was found, antenna and wire have also been replaced with no change.

Is it possible that there is some interfence coming from other equipment on the boat?

Radar comes to mind but signal is poor whether it is on or not.

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Default GPS Interference?

Is the radar dome blocking it?

My gps antenna's are about 18 inches from my radar and have no problems. I have a friend that has his mounted right next to the radar due to limited space and has no problems.

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Default GPS Interference?

How old is the GPS (8 or 12 track, WAAS?)? It has been my experience that a GPS either gets the signal or doesn't. If it does, then it works great...not sure what you mean by slow. Are you saying the charting function is slow? Northstar is a great unit. I too, have my GPS reciever within 18" of the radar. I also have a Garmin backup that is under the T-top (cloth) without an external antenna. As I say, their like a computer...either they work or they don't. Sorry I can't be more help. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]
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Default GPS Interference?

You may want to list here the type cable used and the make and brand of antenna. I'm no electronics pro but strength sounds like an antenna problem [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]
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Default GPS Interference?

The first thing that I would look at would be the antenna cable connector.

Maybe a bent pin or probably just a bad solder joint.

Also you know about the old corrosion thing that goes everywhere......look for it at the receptacle on the unit too.

Hope you find the problem.....hard to find a better unit than the Northstar.


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Default GPS Interference?

The Northstar unit in 2002 and the install is new.
Antenna and cable have been swapped out with no net effect. Head unit was returned to the factory for testing, nothing wrong.

By slow, I mean cart updates which related back to the weak or missing signals (12 channel).

Once the rain finally stops we'll look into it further with another GPS (handheld) and see if anything ont he boat is causing interferece. The GPS signal is a weak one anyway and jamming is not too hard to do.

Thanks for the replies.
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Default GPS Interference?

Do other boats have the same problem or just this one as if it was general interference (and this occurs from time to time) then all should have the same problem.

If not then that sort of tends to point the finger at this particular installation.

Just out of curiousity (but this would be a long shot) and I'm not all that up with the geographics over your way or if these interference sites actually effect ground installations but are you anywhere within about 320nm of China Lake CA, 400nm of the White Sands Missile Range NM or 240nm of Ft Huachuca AZ and including somehwere in Nevada?

Cheers, Kerry.

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