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Default Garmin 4212 and TR-1

I hooked up a TR-1 to my 4212.

I can set a point on the 4212 and the TR-1 takes me right to it.

My understanding was that if you set a point, tell the TR-1 to do a cloverleaf around it, the TR-1 would take me there, and proceed to do a Cloverleaf around it.

Here is the problem. As soon as the 4212 gets to the location, a 'reached location' message appears on the 4212, and the gps light on the TR-1 starts blinking.

The TR-1 continues on its last known course.

The TR-1 seems to function properly unless the pattern I am using crosses over the destination waypoint.

Any ideas? (Hopefully the idea is not to call Garmin - I love their products, hate their support.)
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actually got a good answer from Garmin Support - Hopefully it will allow me to use the Cloverleaf, won't know till Memorial Day (Seems to me i should have been able to locate this solution in their FAQ's if it is a 'common experience')

What you are experiencing is common experience with the GPSMAP 4212. When the GPSMAP 4212 shows that you have arrived at the waypoint, it stops sending the waypoint data to the Autopilot, which is why the TR-1 goes into a heading hold. Unfortunately, this is a setting that cannot be adjusted in the GPSMAP 4212. When you arrive at the waypoint, it will stop navigating and outputting the waypoint data.
However, you can adjust the GPSMAP 4212 so that unless you cross exactly over the location of the waypoint, it will not show you as "arriving" so it will not stop navigating. This is a setting called turn transition, and you can adjust it by doing the following:
1. Start from the Home screen
2. Choose Configure
3. Choose Preferences
4. Choose Navigation
5. Choose Turn Transition
6. Choose Activation
7. Choose Distance
8. Choose Change Distance
9. Choose 0000 feet and Choose Done
10. Now, your unit will only stop Navigating if you cross over the exact location of the waypoint, not just somewhere near it.
Hopefully this helps with your clover pattern.
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