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Default stereo installation questions

Unfortunately (and a lot of this has to do with all of you) I've become obsessed with amps, speakers, gauge wire to the point where I spent until 3am last night thinking about it.

Decided to go with a smaller JL amp (just to power 2 speakers) because I didn't have much space at all to put it, then 2 JL speakers and a sony receiver. So I've gone from using a transistor radio to this and I don't even know how it will sound.

Two questions:
1. What gauge power wire for the amp? I'm thinking 4.
2. Do I hook up the 16 gauge yellow wire from the receiver to the battery? It's purpose is to keep the clock and channel settings going but don't want to drain the battery.

Thanks for your help in making me a stereo geek.

Jed on Yolanda
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you're going to have to provide more info on this before anyone can intelligently answer this. provide the amps that your amp will draw plus the distance from the amp to the battery. From there, you can google ABYC wire chart and it will pretty much tell you wire size recommendations.
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Without knowing how far, ordinarilly that JL M2250 is a 25 amp fused draw, so #8 wire would be more than enough to feed it up to 30' away, the constant on is like .005 amp, and 18 gauge is enough, but I usually use 16 guage anyhow.
What about your speaker wires - 14 gauge minimum, 12 would be better.
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