GPS antenna near radar

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Default GPS antenna near radar

Is it true that placing a GPS antenna right near & inline with a radar dome will result in frying the GPS? I have a closed cabin Osprey 26 & wish to add a JRC 1500 radar to my existing GPS. Thanks in advance
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Default RE: GPS antenna near radar

The GPS antenna for my Garmin 2010C is less than 2 ft from the radome of my Furuno 1622. The only thing I did was to mount the GPS antenna on a 12 inch fiberglass extension. This puts the mushroom over the radome and out of the beam.
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Default RE: GPS antenna near radar

The GPS antenae CANNOT be in line with the radar beam, else the beam will eventually fry it. There have also been reports of wacky readings, as well as interference from radar to Sirius/XM antenaes (also satelite).

Best recommended position is to mount the GPS antenae "at least 3ft away, preferably above" the radar unit. See p.4 here:

Also, the GPS antenae should be at least 3ft horizontal away from your VHF antenae.
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