Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

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Default Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

I have a ICOM 45a VHF radio and am having to move it from my electronics box. Just installed a compass above the electroincs box and the compass went crazy (as I expected)

Appears if I flush mount my VHF in the console to the port side of the steering wheel it's far enough away to not create a disturbance.

THE QUESTION: Does anyone know of a VHF radio cover or some type of small electronics box that can be installed to keep the VHF radio dry. I'm concerned the radio will get damaged from washing and rain if not covered.

I contacted ICOM, they do not make such an item to fit their radios and said the radio was water resistant, but not water-proof and highly recommended protecting the radio some way.

Here's a pic of my console. The compass is now located where you see the Garmin Depthfinder, and I'm considering locating the VHF to the port side of the steering wheel. The Garmin in now in the electronics box where you see the VHF.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

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Default RE: Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

You might want to consider what I did with my electronics box - it really gives you a flush mount look for your Garmin without drilling a huge hole. It's a piece of black 3/4" starboard that sits slightly inside my box using spring loaded pull apart hinges at the bottom and barrel bolts that allow it to hinge outward so you still have storage and access behind it. In addition, because it sits back in the box by about 1.5 inches the plex cover for the box can be used for bad weather. Mount the icom on the lower right below the wheel.The whole black board also comes off to go inside the house for security and software updates. Been thru bad weather with it with no flex or problems, however don't use 1/2 inch..need 3/4".

Looks like this:

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Default RE: Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

girsly...nice looking set up on the electronics. Do I see 'bolster' coverings? Sun too much for them, or do the get grimy? Thanks.
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Default RE: Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

bolster covers are great - I've made them for my last two Donzi's and they really work well - keep the sun and fishhooks off the vinyl, add a little cushion (back covers have 1/16" waffle foam) and clean up well after a day of fishing. Can't say enuf about my canvas guy - Rocco @ GDS Canvas in Oakand Park, Fl - did the whole boat - I get the coverage of a full cover without the hassle of getting it on or off...

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Default RE: Dry Box / Cover for VHF Radio

Call the boat manufacturer and, see if they'll sell you another one of those electronics compartment hatches. If they will, mount another one for the radio. Or, if they won't sell you one, get a Tempress or, Beckson hatch that'll fit, mount it and, then cut out a piece of plexi to act as bezel. Use a couple of extra long screws to mount the hatch, then backspace the plexi with them. I think with some of those hatches you can even remove the door portion of it for usage. If you're going to do this, you might want think about installing an external speaker somewhere, so you can leave the radio on, with the hatch shut.
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