Nav Pod???

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Default Nav Pod???

I have been looking at the Nav Pod mounting system for my Furuno for a neater more secure look.

Does anyone here use them and if so I have a couple of questions.

1-How well does the swivel portion of it work. In other words I sometimes find myself moving my screen due to where I am on the boat and sunlight. Does it move as well if not better than the factory mounting system.

2-Security, One of the articles I read claimed it made the electronics more secure. Most of the time I remove my FF(all other electronics are in the electronics box overhead and would be a royal pain to remove/steal) but I would like something that would make the unit more secure than the factory mounts. I have never had any problem with theft but it is a pain in the a## to have to remove the ff every time. The Nav Pod article mentined that there is a secure nut that takes a key to remove. I understand that nothing is theft proof but I do know if it is fairly hard to remove and can not be done in a few seconds most thieves will not bother with it.

Thanks for any input and I have considered flush mounting but with my console that is nearly impossible to do.
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Default RE: Nav Pod???

I haven't installed mine yet. I have one for a Furuno 582L. It swiveles nicely in 4 directions, yet it takes a little effort.
The fastners that make it theft proof are 4 screws that go thru on the backside and into the front bezel.
These fastners are a hex with a stud in the middle. A standard allen wrench will not fit it due to that little round stud in the middle.
The correct "Special Allen Wrench" comes with the unit.
If your wanting to take the unit off the boat all the time, it would be a pain.
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Default RE: Nav Pod???

You can adjust the swivel tension. Security is good due to the tamperproof allen head screws that hold the pos together and to the deck. I had 2 on my last boat and they work as advertised.

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Default RE: Nav Pod???

Great units; outstanding construction. No wires to look at and as secure as any flushmount. You'll love it!
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Default RE: Nav Pod???

Thanks, that was what I needed.
I would like to leave the unit on my boat all the time, it will be one less item to put in the boat when I get ready to go fishing/boating.

The security is the main thing I was after and I like the cleaner looks of it as well.
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Default RE: Nav Pod???

Careful there T!!! I put my 600L in a Pod and Furuno says that the
Pod causes fogging, not letting the unit "breathe". If so they should
advertise the unit for use without any weatherproof devices.
What a crock of chit!!!
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