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Default Garmin GSD 20

I am debating whether to put in a Garmin 2010C with the GS20 black box or install a separate FF. My eyes arn't great so the bigger screen will be beneficial.
If anyone has this combo I would appreciate your honest opinions about the FF capabilities of the GS20.

My thoughts are possibly a 2006C (in console box) or 2010C (it would be installed on the console 21 BW Outrage) plus a 500X or 600X Ray FF.
If you have a DS500X or DS600X Ray FF............ your thoughts please.

GS20 black box vs straight up FF.


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Default RE: Garmin GSD 20

I have a 320C and a 2010C. In my old boat I had a furuno combo (1850DF) unit and found I was doing a lot of button on my new boat I opted to seperate them. I have a friend with a 2006 +GDS20 and have also fished with him. It's just my opin, but the screen becomes too busy with gps, numbers readout and FF. But it also depends on your budget and space - combo is cheaper and more space efficient. Seperates also give you some assurance that you have some functions if one of the units goes down - a display shutdown on a combo unit leaves you blind in all respects....See my photo of my dash in the photo forum under "ipod dash install"
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Default RE: Garmin GSD 20

I have a Garmin 2010c and the gsd 20 sounder. The sounder reads bottom ok for the most part, for my needs anyway, BUT I wish I had done it differently. If I was doing it over I would get a 10" furuno (1833) and the matching fish finder and transducer and a Garmin 2006c and use the garmin strictly as a gps. The gsd 20 sounder is adequate at best and from what I understand the Furuno can emulate the 582L which is an excellent FF. I may even sell my 2010c to do just that, because I don't have enough room on my console to accommodate 2 10" screens. If you have the room for 2 10" screens than by all means get the 2010c, if not give some thought to any future upgrades you may want to add to the boat and make this purchase accordingly . If you are going to use the sounder to strictly read the bottom and not identify fish on the bottom the gsd20 sounder will probably do the job. Lastly the Garmin black box sounder is relatively cheap and you could always add it (or use it later)as a backup unit. Hope this helps.
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Default RE: Garmin GSD 20

I have the Garmin 2006C and a Lowrance 105C sounder. I am going to add the GS20 sounder to the Garmin next week. I have 2 VHF's 2 GPS's and for 200.00 more I can have 2 color sounders.

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Default RE: Garmin GSD 20

I have the 2006c with the black box and I do not like the sounder at all, I am in the process of buying a Furuno 600l and talked to Airmar today about converting the transducer to fit the Furuno which can be done for not a bunch of money. I cannot get the GSD 20 adjusted to find snapper in 150 ft of water, it just does not seem to have the same definition as the 600. My 2c worth.
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Default RE: Garmin GSD 20

You can't go wrong with the 2006/2010 series for GPS. I'd stay away from the Garmin FF box, and get a DS600X. I've helped install two Raymarine FFs with the digital high-def stuff, and they are very nice. Another good option is Furuno 582L.
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