GPS+Stereo Wiring+XM Radio=PROBLEM

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Default GPS+Stereo Wiring+XM Radio=PROBLEM

I've got a relatively new Lowrance GlobalMap 3300c GPC on the boat and it has been working just fine. I had an AM/FM stereo installed last week and told the installer to power the stereo to the third and unused accessory switch on the panel. The sonar is on the first one and the GPS is on the second. Well, in his infinite wisdom, the installer decided to hardwire the Sony AM/FM Marine Stereo into the second switch wiring (the GPS). This whole mess is further complicated by the fact that I added a Delphi portable XM receiver (Roady 2) to the mix. The Roady 2 is simply a receiver that is powered through the cigarette lighter adapter. You simply tune the radio to one of 8 unused frequencies (88.3 in my case) and the XM modulator automatically plays the XM radio through the stereo system. Anyway, we went out yesterday and all electronics powered up just fine. Then, all of a sudden, I started getting a "GPS module not responding" error message on the GPS and it could not find sats. I disconnected the XM system completely and still got the "module not responding message. Since I was in a familiar place I decided that music was more important than the GPS so I just shut it down. A while later I tried it again and it worked for a few minutes (with XM radio on) and then lost the GPS module again. Any thoughts on this SNAFU? I am definitely having the installer move the stereo power to the unused power switch tomorrow but beyond that I am baffled. Is it the wiring that's a problem? The XM? Sure hope someone has run across a problem like this.
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Default RE: GPS+Stereo Wiring+XM Radio=PROBLEM

Check out this thread and you may find you answer...

Good luck,
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