new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

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Default new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

New ipod arrived today - much easier controls for boating - the control wheel is a better interface than the buttons of the 3G unit.. Battery is now 12 hour. Screen has now changed to a blue tint. You can now create and delete playlists without connecting to the computer.

If you're new to iPods, you can get a good idea of this whole system at

They have two reviews done - one for people wanting to get a good intro to the ipod and one for current owners of 2 and 3 G (generation) units.

In addition, I have put together a MS Word Document of how mine is mounted on my boat and will email it anyone who wants it. If I get a lot of PM's on this, as I have been in the last few days, I'll post it here.

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Default RE: new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

Glen, I would love to have the install doc. you have,, I would like to come by and check your install out seeing as how we are almost neighbors.
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Default RE: new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

Is it a schematic? Go ahead and post it please. Can these be run through aux RCA plugs on a head unit?
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Default RE: new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

absolutely - any aux in will work... Here's the post:iPOD MARINE INSTALL

The idea is pretty simple – an iPod stores over 750 albums that can be called up in any fashion by artist, album or type of music. It can also be set to play random so your music is always fresh and new. Hook it to an amp and the amp to the speakers. Take it off the boat and it connects to your home stereo, or take it with you on a walk. Here’s how I did it:

Mount a Clarion 4 or 2 channel marine amp in the inside of your console and run 4 or 2 speakers in the boat. Get one off ebay – search for “Clarion Marine amplifier”. They usually are about $200 for the 4 channel and $150 for the 2 channel. The main amp power wire should run straight to the battery and the green “turn on” 12V small wire should go to a switch on the dash. If you have a battery switch you can wire it straight to the switch, which will leave it on all the time that the switch is on. This is not the desirable way, but when the ipod is disconnected or not playing, the amp draws very little load from the battery, it is just energized. Your then turn it off when you leave the boat and shut off your battery. I like the dash switch, as it’s a quick mute when for event happens where you need your wits about you, like a fish strike or docking. Remember, the 12v on line is the only one going to a switch.

You will see that the inputs on the amp are the same as the back of your stereo, Left and Right for 2 ch, both L and R but also front to back. . These are called RCA jacks. Use some patch cables bought at Radio Shack to go from the headphone jack on the ipod to split to 4 RCA male jacks that go to the input on the amp, front and back pairs. If this seems confusing take the amp and ipod into Radio Shack, they will know what cables you need.

That’s it – mount the ipod on your dash using Velcro and drill a hole for the headphone jack coming from the amp below. I don’t like putting Velcro right on the pod, so I bought a silicone “Jam Jacket” at Comp USA and glued the Velcro to it. Better yet, use the stuff sold at West Marine called “Dual Lock” part # 125841- it’s like super Velcro. Get it off their website.

Set the amp for the configuration in the amp manual, medium to high volume, the bass gain for 20% and then use the ipod volume from the console.

Need a radio? – you won’t with this many songs avail. But if you do, I have a mini walkman FM radio that I hook into the headphone jack for football games etc. Sony’s website has them for 50 bucks or so.


For more info on the ipod try - buy the 40 gig unit if you have >200 albums, the 20 gig < 200. is also a great source of info with forums on loads of stuff just like THT.

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Default RE: new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

Doesnt the i-pod have an acsessary that will allow it to play directly through an unused radio station? As i typed this question i realized your method is for those who do not already have a radio.
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Default RE: new 4th Generation iPod arrived today

absolutley - it's callad an iTrip and it's about 30 bucks. It uses a frequency that is "open" and does not have a radio station. But the sound is significantly less quality, especailly at volume if you are anywhere near a metro area in your boat. But nevertheless, I'd try it depending on your locale before you try my install. My way is for sitautions where you have a new boat or are planning major changes. In my old boat, I left the head unit installed and put in a set of a/b switches that would switch the source form the head unit to the ipod before it went to the amp.
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