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Default Humminbird Side Image Transducer Mounting?

Hi All,
I just purchased the Humminbird 1197C Si.
The instructions say that the transducer needs to have a clear view to each side. It comes with a transom mount unit.
My boat is an I/O- Parker 2520 XL MV (Diesel). It looks, to me, like I would not have a clear view each side of the boat as the outdrive is in the way.
Humminbird will trade me a thru-hull for the transom mount but I'm wondering if the thru-hull will be able to see both sides? Even with a modified V won't the keel be in the way?
Has anybody installed one of these units on an I/O? Would you help please?
I don't want to have to buy another transducer if I don't have to. (That's because they suggested installing two transducers and then using a "y" cable to make them act as one.)
Thanks in advance.

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To get side imaging you have to have the transducer outside the hull. I have an i/o as well (Merc Alpha 1)
and mounted the xducer on the starboard side. You have to try and mount it low enough on the deadrise to "see" the other side of the boat.

I have a little bit of an issue seeing the port side HD/ but it's not too bad. It's more pronounced in rough water. You will really like the unit. I have the 997 and love it!

As for the y-cable/ I have that as well connected to a 2d shoot through xducer. That is only for high speed 2d though. I lose the bottom past 15 knots with HD xducer off the transom.
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id personally use the Two transom ducers and the Y cable. All of the great pics that i have seen from HB units have all come from transom mount ducers. The thru hull might be great but its not real popular. Here is a great site thats free to join where you will have bass pro's and HB customer service reps answer your questions.

Good luck and let us know what happens!!
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I have the 997 CSi on a Skeeter bay boat. The transducer is mounted on the bottom of the jack plate (the very bottom) and I can see both sides well.
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the responses. I decided to go with the two transducers. I spent $2600. on the unit. I don't want to live with screwy images because the outdrive is in the way. For $240. I bought another transducer, an extension cable, a y cable and the bracket.
I am partial to thru-hull transducers because (I think) they seem more professional.
I looked under my boat, pondered where I would install them, thought about all the work that would be required, realized that if I got it wrong I would be stuck with a cluttered return forever. Needing to find a saw that will cut the fairing block just perfect, etc.
Then I thought about how easy it would be to simply make four holes in the transom and mount the transducer and I would be done. Worst case? I fill four small holes.
So, let's see how it goes.

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Ley us know how it goes once you install it and put a photo up if possible. I am interested as I am looking to buy either a Humminbird or Lowrance with side imaging.

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