GPS/FF upgrade questions

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Default GPS/FF upgrade questions

I currently have a Lowrance X51 with a in hull 200kHz (not through hull or transom) transducer and a Garmin 162 GPS mounted on my Triton 220 LTS. I am planning on upgrading to a Garmin 2006C with the GSD20 sounder (transom mounted 50/200 kHz transducer).
My questions are:
1. Since the X51 is flush mounted on my dash and the unit is not worth selling, can I leave it in on the boat and have two sounders operating at the same time? Will one sounder have any effect on the operation of the other sounder (two sets of sonar waves in the water at once).
2. Is the Garmin GSD20 a good unit? The primary reason for my upgrade is that am offshore bottom fishing about half the time.
Thank you for your help.
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Default RE: GPS/FF upgrade questions

The general rule is that you can't have two transducers active at the same time on one frequency of they interfere. You could, however keep one on 50khz and the other on 200khz without a problem. That's the rule, but there are some folks who have reported that they can run two FF's with two transducers at the same frequency. I am sceptical that this works..or maybe it works in bass boats where one is at the bow and the other at the stern in shallow water. I would not count on it working for you....

The 2006 is a very good unit using bluecharts which have excellent detail in most cases. The onlhy problem reported with the 2006c and 2010c (color units) is that the screen coating used by Garmin seems to be easily damaged by seawater and/or cleaning. search this forum for comments on this subject.

The GSD20 is a good unit. Depending on the transducer, it may or may not read under 5' of water. That's true of most of the current high powered FF's though, so I wouldn't decide for/against the Garmin based on this....just be aware that whatever your choice, you may have a problem in this area.
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