Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

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Default Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

The plug to the back of my Garmin 162 has become a little loose and it cuts out if I slap a wave hard. Can I just pack in some dielectric grease to tighten it back up or will this kill the connection entirely. Maybe something like Kopr Shield ? Thanks.
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Default RE: Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

Bite the bullet and replace the wire/plug. If you are financially or electrically challenged, wrap some thin tape around the outside of the plug and see if you can can increase the friction between the plug and the jack.

Grease will, at best, be a short term fix and create a mess.
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Default RE: Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

Mako, Think is right. I have a 162 I use on 3 different boats. Mine does it on only one boat. I am going to replace the power cord as soon as I get some time.
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Default RE: Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

Before you guys go too crazy replacing power cords, check and see if it is the inline fuse coming loose when you hit a wave. Lots of people have had the same problem. The fuse is spring loaded and I guess the spring is just weak....every time you hit a wave it loosens for a split second and you lose power. I replaced mine with one of those square, push-in type inline fuses and have not had the problem since.
As far as putting grease in the connection.....vasoline works great for that purpose.
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Default RE: Loose plug on Garmin 162 GPS

Vaseline is petroleum based and flamable. It will probably never do anything worse than generate smoke but whay take a chance? If you need to use a lubricant on your electrical (knock it off, I know what you're thinking) accesories use dieletrical grease.
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