Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

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Default Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

I'm considering buying a Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder for approx. $1200 for my 89 GW Seafarer 226. I will be replacing an older Furano Sounder which is mounted internally and transmits through the hull.
Does anyone have any feedback on the Garmin and specifically;
1. Can you see it well in sunlight?
2. Can I mount the Transducer internally?
3. Are there different brands/ models I should consider instead?

Thanks in advance
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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

I have that model and have no problem with seeing it in sunlight. It is in the electronics box though. It is very easy to use and provides alot of information. You can buy chips from Garmin with preprogramed info about an area, or buy a c-d and hardware and burn your own chips if you trailer to different areas. I have the 'ducer mounted on the stearn and would not recommend it. I lose bottom at about 10 KPH, or less. My friend has the same unit with a through hull 'ducer and never loses bottom. I don't know about internal mounting, but I seem to remember other on this board doing just that. If you don't get any responses on that, do a search. Good luck!
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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

Ginger and Van...

Ive got the 188c and find it to be a great machine. Im not quite use to the fishfinder
part of the machine, I keep my Raytheon fishfinder along side my Garmin. The older
Raytheon that im used to is teaching me to corectly identify what the Garmin is telling me.

One day i'll dissconect the Raytheon, its kinda nice haveing a redundant system. Helps me even more locate and read the bottom structure.

Ive got the chip for my area although there is not much in the way of wrecks on that map. Are there any other chips i can buy with more info on them .
Oh does anyone know if there's a transformer or DC plug in i can buy. id like to bring
the Garmin in the house to practice more with it.

One thing... the machine is awsome..!!!!!!
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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

accurate weld, sure is a power adapter you can use to play around w/ indoors. most marine e-merchants should have it. yu also should get mapsource and bluecharts for your puter, and then you can really tinker around.

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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

I have the 188c on the two boats I own, a 25ft Hydrasport wa and a pathfinder 2200te. They are excellent units, easy to operate and see in sunlight. The bluechart is very goood and up to date. I have a thru hull transducer on the Hydrasport and a transom mount on the Pathfinder. I actually get a better picture with the transom mount. Both boats are powered with 250hp motors the hydrasport has a ficht rude and the pathfinder a vmax yam. I get very little turbulence in either one and the sonar is better than any Lowrance I have ever had.
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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder


Will mapsource and bluechart have more bottom information and can you download
these locations to the 188c.????

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Default RE: Garmin 188c Chartplotter/ Sounder

That unit is a very good unit. Warning though if you install it in direct sunlight it is very hard to see the screen!!! Even with the back light all the way up. Once you wear sunglasses you add to the problem. I had a 182c and went back to the mono unit which shows up at most angles with or without sunglasses on, MUCH better. Bottom line in diret sunlight go mono. If you have a cover of some sort over the unit, go to color.
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