How hard is installation??

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Default How hard is installation??

I am looking into which electronics I should have installed in my new G-W Tournament 225. My question is, should I have the installations done by my local marina/boatyard, where the boat will be docked, or should I go to a specialist marine electronics store? I can't/won't do it myself!! I don't mind paying a bit more, but not too much. Also, I would like to buy the equipment at a discount from West Marine or on-line, rather than at full MSRP at a specialty store.

How tough is installing a GPS/Chartplotter, VHF, Depth Finder, AM/FM/CD stereo?
Does it require a lot of specialized knowledge and experience?
Thanks for your input.
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Default RE: How hard is installation??

Some dealers have good guys, some don't...definitely find a tech guy who does marine elec's for a living - you'll find that alot of guys can cut holes and install but it's the guys who waterproof/heat shrink their connections and loom the wires that really make the difference...and on some units (autopilot) calibration is a big part of a smooth install...

I had the same problem when I moved to Florida - you might want to go to the larger West marine stores in your area ( annapolis?) and ask them. I got the names of two or three guys from them and then interviewed them until one was to my liking. I have also had great service from a company named Navtronics out of NH that installed my autopilot. I just used them again recently on a friend's Garmin 2006C install...
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Default RE: How hard is installation??

I would start by asking the dealer...some dealers do it themselves, some farm out their work to local specialists.

Then I would take a look at some other installations that either the dealer or the local specialists have done...ask the owners and see if they were happy.

Above all, you are looking for evidence of quality....shrink wrapped connections, split loom tubing, 5200 on screw holes that may get wet, etc... All these are signs of an installer who is proud of his work.
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