JRC Raydome Install

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Default JRC Raydome Install

I just pickep up a JRC1800CP with a 2KW raydome. In looking at the dome, it appears I have to feed the head unit end(i.e. not the dome end) with the connector attached. There is a rubber boot with a brass 1 1/4" or so threaded fitting that looks like it could come off, bit it will still have the multi-pin connector on there. Is this everyone heres experiance? I have to feed it though my radar arch and out the bottom of the arch, and then through the cockpit wall. I have ran VHF antennas and Marine Romex through the arch, but never a connector this big. Any tips or tricks before I tear into it? Thanks
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Default RE: JRC Raydome Install

my sitex manual said to remove the connector from the circuit card inside of the radome and use that end to feed it through any piping. Maybe have a look and see if your manual suggests the same.
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Default RE: JRC Raydome Install

I had the same issue with my JRC 3000. After several dozen opinions about shotening the cable, I e-mailed JRC. THEIR engineers said shortening the cable was fine. I clipped the cable at the radome end, ran the cable from the display, throught the boat and arch and cut it to length. I then soldered and heat shrinked the connector back on the cable. There is one shielded wire that took a little more effort to keep the shielding intact, but it works fine.
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Default RE: JRC Raydome Install

It is possible to disconnect the wiring at the JRC radome end instead of having to thread that monster head-end connector - but it took a call to JRC to find that out. It requires more disassembly of the radome than you'd think JRC would want an end user to do, but it does work.

I helped a friend install a JRC1800 on his Parker 2520XL, on a East Shore Marine radar pedestal, and threading the huge head-end connector through the pedestal was not an option. So far no problems with radar operation.
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