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I'm looking for basic Charting software that I can use at home to explore & generate waypoints & routes and print sections of chart.

I really don't plan to bring my computer to the boat or GPS to the computer. However, I would like to be able to sit down and mouse to destinations and be able to transfer nice accurate lat longs to my GPS manually.

There are so many packages available I get confused whenever I decide to look at them. Next week I'll be going to the boat show and that may be a good time to purchase.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking to spend 500 dollars perhaps 200. Is there anything available ?
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Default Software Advice

what about the garmin software? Im not very familiar with it, but it looks pretty good.

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I've got the Garmin 2010C, plus a 176C, and an old GPS-12. Their mapsource/ Bluechart Program is great. If you get the computer to GPS cable you can download all your points, routes and most recent tracks. As you then "play" on your computer you see exactly where you were and can easily move or make new points.

If you want you can then even upload these changes back into your GPS. I'm inclined to make these changs manually in my GPS though.

I'm using this down in the Keys, with lots of shallow water, so it's very handy to correct routes when the props hit the "thicker" water on the bottom!

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Depends on what GPS/ plotter you are using. Many of the programs allow downloads to your gps by nmea 0183. PC planner by C-map is the best map printout program I have found but is only reasonable if you already have the chip for your area. Maptech will load you up with CDs but the plot features suck because of the format (raster). Better vector based software is really expensive. With that said, What kind of unit do you have and what is the map basis for the unit?

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I'm not really interested in downloading. I just want to do the work at home. I can plug the stuff in manually.

Should be less money right ?
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I researched packages and have similar requirements. I know $300 is a little over your limit but I am *thrilled* with Nobeltec Passport.

Infinitely continuously scalable Vector, Raster, Topo, and Arial Photographs can be switched between at anytime.

I highly recommend it.

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I spoke with Consumers Marine at the NY show about the software. I have the same requirements as you.
The maptech stuff is like NOAA charts, where the Nobletec looks more like C-Map. If your looking for humps, depressions etc to fish on, the Nobletech will be more suited to you. You can zoom in with lots of detail.
Thats how it was explained to me.
I think the Nobletec chare was 155 or so at the show. If you call COnsumers, they will give you the boat show price. If you call, let me know how you make out.

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Scott, Carty thanks. That gives me a starting point.

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If you are just looking to get some lat/long numbers you might try thsi noaa web site it has some pretty good maps.
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this is a good program about 100 bucks
you can chart and print it out or upload to gps
works on most, if you have a newer garmin then they will need to email you a fix.

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I've used the free software from Seven C's called "SeeMyDEnc" you can get it here:SeeMyDEnc

You use it with the free NOAA ENC Charts: NOAA ENC Page

Here's A link to more freeware ENC Charting software:Viewers

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Default Software Advice

If you have your boat on a trailor at your home you can do what I have done... I have my VHF,FF,GPS all nmea together with a female phone jack with a waterproof cover that connects them all together.. I made my own Cable using Serial 9 pin connect.. so, I can use my laptop on the boat or run a 100 foot phone cable to my home PC upload or download... its alot faster then inputting everything using GPS only... I like the laptop setup better.. cause you have to click send or recieve on the GPS before you can upload or download
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