Standard Horizon 1000 CP

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Default Standard Horizon 1000 CP

Hi Folks , I have a new Standard Horizon 1000 CP. i've entered all my routes and believe I've done it right. My problem is, I can't seem to get them going. I seem to get the 1st leg of the route and it won't switch to the next leg. Can anyone that has one of these units and knows how to use it well possibly let me give them a call? The directions just aren't very good and I'm very disapointed as far as that goes. The other functions seem to work great , it's almost to easy to navigate. Anyway , I'd love some help.
Thank you
Jim K.
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Default RE: Standard Horizon 1000 CP

Call Standard Technical Support at 1-800-767-2450. They should be able to help you!
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Default RE: Standard Horizon 1000 CP

I had a problem recently with my CP150C and was advised to try this as a fix.

Main Menu - Advance Setup - Input/Output - Internal GPS - Restart GPS (enter).

This will reboot your GPS. I had nav and chart functions but date/time would not come up until I did this.

If that doesnt work for you, the number I called for tech support was 800-926-2497.

Good luck!
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Default RE: Standard Horizon 1000 CP

Standard Horizon = JUNK and PROBLEMS

More to follow!
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Default RE: Standard Horizon 1000 CP

Albieman, how about elaborating on why you think they are "junk and problems&quot??
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