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Default gps fishfinder

i'm getting new boat and haven't had a gps or fish finder for 8 years now. i'v been fishing chokoloskee and you don't need anything there atleast i didn't. now i'm getting a boat that will let me go out to the wrecks. what i need is a unit that can lead me to the wreck and then the finder help from there.
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Default gps fishfinder

I have used a friend's Garmin 2010C it is a GPS/Fishfinder Great unit a bit pricey at around 2000.00 but when you buy a color machine and a chartplotter GPS it is close to the same money. Also look at the Garmin 2006. If the Garmin 2006 can be split into fishfinder/GPS buy that. Rumor is the price on that one will be dropping to around 1200 to 1500 possibly. I have a Garmin 176 And it is great but it would be great to have an all in one unit..Good Luck
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Default gps fishfinder

If you don't want to spend as much as an engine overhaul, might want to look at the Garmin 168 or 188 combo units. The 168's display is a little bit on the small side but it is WAAS compatible. I personally have the 168 and it would be perfect if I had a more visible place to mount it. The 188 has a larger display and a faster processor in it (meaning the map re-draws quicker). I got my 168 for $549 but you can probably find a new one on ebay for less.

By the way, I had a problem with mine last year and I called up Garmin Tech Support. They told me to ship it to them FedEx and they sent it back to me on the second day. Pretty awesome service.

My 2 cents....

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Default gps fishfinder

Still Going,
I really like sep. units for GPS and sounder uses. For two reasons, first there is the redundancy issue. If the unit goes out you are out of business for that day. Second, I like to use the full capability of both simultaniously. That is sometimes difficult to do with combo units. Give the guys some idea of the boat you are equiping and they will cover you up with good ideas.
Enjoy the new boat.

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Default gps fishfinder

Did you want one unit or two?

If you want one unit to be both a GPS/FF do a search on this site and look at the Garmin 188C
threads. Looks like a good combo unit.

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Default gps fishfinder

for combo gps/sounder(ff), garmin 188c has been great for me. if you can afford bigger, then go bigger garmin. and, for sure buy garmin bluechart maps with it..
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