Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

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Default Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

I have a 2002 246 WA Shamrock, and would like to add some electric outlets for either deep dropping or electric kite reels. The boat has two batteries with a three way selector switch.

What would be the easiest way to accomplish this safely.

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Default Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

Murf...I'll take a shot. Take a look at the site. If I we're doing what your doing it would be something like this. Total up the MAX amps you'll be using at any one time plus the length of run to the BUS (Page 5) times two (+ and - wire length) this will determine the size of the wire. There is a chart for wire size on the Blueseas website. I would run line from the positive lug on the switch for the "house battery". Put and inline fuse (Page 6.) immediately after the lug (within 12"). You now have a BUS to run wires to the various outlets. The negitive wire, incidently, goes back to the battery ground or 'Ground' post if your using one. This BUS I'm refering to has automative fused on it for the various lines you will run to the pieces of equipment your using. (see Page 5.) Now, you just run wires from the BUS to the pieces of equipment. Once agin wire size will depend on AMP load and distance (this determines the size fuse). Connect this wire to your connector on devise and your all set. Bluesea is avaliable at most BoatUS stores. Hope this gets you going. You should order the catalog; great source of information. If you have any questions just ask!

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Default Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

Thanks for your input, appreciate it.
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Default Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

Fished two years ago with a buddy who periodically fishes deep with electric reels. Boy are those suckers heavy.

Last year I fished with him at the same place. No electric reels. He now uses a battery powered electric drill to reel in his line when there are no fish on it.

I had a much more enjoyable day that trip. But, that is my opinion and you already know what that's worth . . .

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Default Installing Outlet(s) for Electric Reels

Mumby and Snowball always get it right!!

Now for the terminal connection since I assume you do not want the reels connected full time.

I use a very simple pig-tail connector to feed my electric downrigger. Two wires that feed a hard rubber connector with an open male prong and an embedded female slot. Your +12v from ships power should be connected to the wire that feeds the female slot and the ground connected to the other wire. The elect-reel wires (2) should be connected to an identical connector, but exactly the opposite wire connections, ie, the 12 volt input to the male prong and ground to the female slot. Plug them together and you have arrived.

I use a cable clip to loosley hold the ship-power connector up under the gunnells and out of the way. I also take a pig-tail connector and cut the wires cleanly off at the rubber connection. I put lots of silicone grease on the remains and plug it into ship-power connector to keep it free from salt water and the resultant corrosion. When you want to use the reel, pull out the dummy plug and plug in the reel connector.

Very simple, cheap and it always works.
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