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Default TR-1 Gold and kicker bracket questions.

I'm now starting to plan for my next boat project and it will probobly be a used Trophy 2052 with a 4.3 V6 with an Alpha One. I will probobly buy the boat in America and have it shipped to me in Sweden.

This boat will be used mostly for trolling salmon in the Baltic sea in speeds between 1,5 to 3,0 knots, when trolling i will use a Yamaha 8 or 9,9 High Thrust engine with an Autopilot on it.

The autopilot i'm thinking of is TR-1 Gold but that's a rare modell in Sweden and i'm now wondering if you guys think this setup will work even in bad weather conditions.

I also need to mount a bracket for a kicker on the transom but what should I choose?

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Swedish-Salmon. It will depend on boat shape and weight, how high the boat sits off the water including the canvas cover or hard top, how much prop of the trolling motor sits below the bottom of the boat and weather conditions.
My old boat was like a sail due to the huge flared bow and tall canvas top, so when the wind blew hard, I always had to use the main outboard when trolling into or sideways to the wind.
My new boat sits much lower in the water, not as much bow flare and the kicker gets a good bite due to the long shaft that gets the cavitation plate and prop well below the bottom of the boat. No small trolling motor is going to do a good job when the wind is howling and the seas are extremely rough. If you always fish in those conditions why not consider an autopilot for the main engine and troll with that and use something to slow you down a bit?
With that being said, I love my Fishing Partner "Otto" and would never be with out one again. No more doing circles when tending to or getting the gear in and is especially helpful when you have in-experienced fisherman with you. I have used it in the Ocean and worked great even in the swells. Just point the boat in a direction, click the remote and you are on your way. Hook it up to your GPS and follow a contour line or route. I also love the wireless remote feature also.
If you are going to install the unit yourself, buy an extra bottle of Bio-Soy oil as they barely give you enough and if you spill any bleeding the system you will not have enough. Also getting the unit set up for the first time on the water can be a challenge also since the TR1-Gold does not come with a display panel (at least when I bought mine) and had to use the wired hand control to program.
Click on the link below to see what challenges you may run into:
PS, get a hydralic kicker bracket from here or an OMC bracket from your local Evinrude dealership.

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Swedish salmon
I also troll for salmon. Pac NW Puget Sound.
I have installed the TR-1 Gold on my Yamaha T8 HTh and it is amazing.
I steers the boat straighter than I can. I fish out if a flat bottom 10Deg DR aluminum jet boat that gets blown around by the wind. If you fish alone it is the only way to go.
Its the best money you can spend.
I did the install my self.
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Johan, These guys are correct. One thing I would add is your boat is shorter for rough water. I had the 2002 Trophy walk around and fish the ocean hard and on a steady basis. I broke a total of 4 different kicker brackets and ripped the motor mounts out of my 15 horse 4 stroke Merc kicker on this boat. It was a lot more violent with this boat and pretty tough on kickers hanging off of the back. I am sure you get some ugly water there too. We did a lot of 30-40 mile offshore runs in water most people wouldn't go in. The 20' boat seemed to be really tough on my kicker hanging back there. If you go into the kind of water and windchop we do here in the Pacific NW, I would not get the cheaper $200-400.00 kicker brackets. At least get the 125 pound rated OMC system matched auxiliary bracket. In a nut shell its the heavy duty white OMC with twin sets of mounting holes on each side. Yes, thats 4 rows of holes. Then back it well on the inside of the boat.

I now have a bigger trophy and pulled the heavy duty stainless bracket off that came with it (twisted it up too.) and installed an OMC bracket. This one has worked flawlessly and I really like it. It sells fror around $700.00-$800.00 new. I picked mine up on ebay for $325.00.

I installed the TR-1 on my boat itself. This boat is an older trophy with the extended hardtop and 9'6 beam. Sometimes in wind I have to rev the kicker motor up to turn to overcome the wind. Once it gets too bad I have to go to the main motors.

I agree with the OMC or Island Marine hydraulic. There is also a Garelick 40 horse hydraulic mount too. A cheap bracket in pounding seas will not hold up.

The TR-1 is great and yo will like it.
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