How to install house battery?

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Default How to install house battery?

I just got my 23cc with a 250 evinrude. It presently has 2 starter batteries with an off,1,2 switch. How can I go about installing a house battery?? What will I need other than the 3rd battery?? And most importantly how should I go about setting it up?

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Default How to install house battery?

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Default How to install house battery?

The wiring of batteries has been discussed a whole bunch lately if you look thru recent posts. Your current system could be said to already have a house battery if you can remember to change your switch settings appropriately during the day. For instance: start engine on #1, run engine on BOTH, drift or anchor on #2 (your "house"). If you want to add a third battery but you want to keep your 1-2-both switch and don't want to do a bunch of rewiring then simply wire it in parallel with your #2 battery. This will give you a big house bank and your motor only needs 1 battery for starting. Not the absolute best set-up but serviceable IMO

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Default How to install house battery?

Thanks Chaps. I was looking for a system were I didn't have to do any switching. What do I need to do to have the majority of the electronics (bilge, stereo, vhf, fishfinder, lights, etc.) run off of a deepcycle battery and leave the two batteries that are there now for just the starting function.

I prefer not to do any switing while under way since I know I will end up forgetting.

Can this be done were all three are always on and all three receive a charge while the engine is running.

Also, can the switch be turned from position "1" to position "2" or "all" if the engine is running. I remember reading somewhere that this could damage something in the engine because of a surge??

Thanks agian for the help.
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Default How to install house battery?

To do it the "best" way where you don't have to think and/or worry about switch settings... try this:

Connect battery #1 to your motor with a ON/OFF switch. When you use the boat, turn the switch to ON, when you leave yoru boat, turn the switch OFF.

Strap battery #2 and your new battery together, call it your "House Bank". They must be the same type and size battery, it's VERY important that you don't mix batteries that are strapped together. Wire this Bank to your hose electronics... Also, connect this bank to a second ON/OFF switch. On the 2nd terminal of this ON/OFF switch, run a wire to the first ON/OFF switch. This switch becomes your "Parrellel Switch". You would leave this switch OFF always, except for emergencies.

When in the off position (Normal use), the two batteries banks are completely seperated. If your starting battery goes dead and you can't start your motor, turn the Parellel switch to ON, and all your batteries will be jumped, and you should have enough juice to start the motor. Once running, turn the parellel switch back off.

Lastly, you need to add a Battery Isolator. You need a battery Isolator with one input terminal and two ouput terminals (similar to the one below). Connect the charging output from the motor, to the input on the isolator, and the two outputs from the isolator to each battery bank. The isolator will now take care of charging ALL the batteries properly.

You have to think about nothing. Turn the on/off switch ON to go, turn it off to stop, it's that simple.

Click on this WEB stie and scroll down to Part #2401A, that's the one you need:

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