Raymarine L760

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Default Raymarine L760

I recently took delivery of my new boat - an Aquasport 275 Explorer with a Raymarine L760 Chartplotter/Fishfinder. My previous boat had a Raymarine 520 chartplotter and a L750 Fishfinder. I purchased a new CMAP cartridge with the L760. The question is - has anyone else had problems with the zoom functions. On the 520 the chart would read at the 1/4 mile level. On the L760 it seems to "lose" chart data at 3 miles. I even tried my original cmap chart - same problem. Any suggestions?

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Default Raymarine L760


Yes, older units had a dead spot around 3 mi. Check Raymarine tech to see what software/hardware upgrade will fix yours.

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Default Raymarine L760

Sounds odd, must be software related. I have the RL70crc chartplotter/radar. I can zoom in and out, never loose data. Call tech support....

Good luck.

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Default Raymarine L760

From c-Map: C-MAP electronic charts are composed of many individual paper charts at varying scale levels, some of which are overlapping. Not all areas will contain all levels of coverage

From RL manual: A single C-MAP chart normally provides as much information as is available in paper charts for that geographic area, and can be displayed down to a range of 1/64 nm on the screen if the data is available.

Problem is the C-map chip. The Raychart is capable of 1/64 mile if the map data is available. If you move the cursor to a port area and zoom-in best I've seen in my area is 1/4 mile. Offshore the best range is 3 sometimes 6 miles which really sucks. Shame-on Raymarine for depending on C-map to provide the level of detail. Lowrance Map CD provides 1/10 mile zoom most everywhere, really makes my RL map unit look like a POS Offshore when trolling in small areas, all due to C-Map.

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Default Raymarine L760

I thought it might be my old CMAP chip - so I went and bought a new one with better coverage area. My old 520 worked well down to the 1/4 even at the dock behind my house. I am having the dealer do an update on the software first to see if that has any effect.

Thanks for the info.
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Default Raymarine L760

I think it is the unit.I have both the 520 and 760(with all current software installed a month ago)and the 520 reads on a smaller scale.760 kicks out at 3 mi.

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Default Raymarine L760

I had the same problem, went into setup and turned the plotter mode off.
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