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garmin vs northstar

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Default garmin vs northstar

I want to get a new chartplotter. I have an old northstar 941gps and it works like a champ. I was going to buy the 952 which sells for $2500. But for the same price you can get a garmin 2010 with a huge screen. any advice?
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Default garmin vs northstar

Chevrolet vs Cadillac. Both will get you there OK, so which one would you rather drive? Northstar has always been and still is the standard by which all others are judged (even now that they are owned by Brunswick Corp/Mercury).
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Default garmin vs northstar

I agree, I own a garmin 2010c and love the unit,but if money wasnt an issue and my budget was higher I would definately rather have the northstar.Many of my fishing buddys have northstars and they truly are the best in my opinion,as far as bang for the buck garmin is the champ in my book.I was debating the same thing and decided to buy the garmin because like you said big screen vs smaller screen same price range. Easy decision for me and my pocket.

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Default garmin vs northstar

I'll ask this question. What makes it a Cadalliac?

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Default garmin vs northstar

With Northstar owned by Brunswick; I'd be suprised if the quality of the unit didn't go down in the years ahead. I would also like to know what a Nortstar does better Vs Garmin...I believe at one time they had the high end of the market; not sure this is true today. Let us know.

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Default garmin vs northstar

I have been a big Northstar fan for years. I had a 951 and then a 952. The difference between their units and everyone else used to be enormous and justified the premium pricing. I'm not sure the same statement can be made today. Garmin has done a great job on their user interface and has terrific customer service. For example, if you want to upgrade the software on a Northstar, you have to take it to a dealer or send it to the factory and spend $$$. Garmin puts upgrades on their website with a self-installer you can download, all for free and is constantly improving their software, which Northstar does rarely.

Comparing the two units (I now have a 2006C, which is identical to a 2010C except for the screen size), Northstar very definitely has the edge in screen refresh and scrolling, butthat is its only advantage. The Garmin screen is equal or better in clarity and daylight visibility. The Garmin has much more flexibility in customizing the display with the data you want to see, including depth information and temperature if you connect an NMEA output from your sounder (not the Garmin black box sounder, which gives you full fishfinder functions).

The big screen is also a great asset and makes everything much more readable. So for the money, I have to say go with the Garmin 2010.

If cost were no object, I would consider a Northstar 958, which has an awe-inspiring screen. But that's double the price and still doesn;t give you all the interface advantages of the Garmin.
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Default garmin vs northstar

Well I will tell you my vote. I am in the process of replacing my 2 year old Northstar 952 with a Garmin 2006C. I have had ongoing trouble with the Northstar since the day I bought it. It will lose its signal for no known reason. Now when powering up it aquires satellites but still can't figure out where it is. Repeated tries by Northstar have not helped. A friend of mine replaced his 952 with a Garmin also after his unit would repeatedly shut itself off for no apparent reason. Again Northstar was unable to fix the problem. I am also aware of one marine electronics dealer in my area that has quit carrying Northstar due to the high volume of problems.

As to functionality and features I agree with Classic guy. The Northstar does have an advantage in speed. Garmin however has much more flexibility and many options Northstar does not. Examples include:

- course up/north up option
-trip odometer
-choice of displays of data, with Garmin you can choose from about 30 fields
-the ability to save tracks and use them as routes

I am sure there be will be others that I discover once I learn all the features of the Garmin.

Bottom line is the Garmin 2006C is less expensive than the Northstar (the 2010C is about the same price) but the Garmin has better features and based on my experience and observations, much better reliabilty than Northstar. I believe Northstar has ridden on the once deserved reputation for way too long.

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Default garmin vs northstar

Garmin has come a long way. A few years ago Northstar set the standard with their 915/952 and 961. They cost a lot of money but were untouchable as far as performance. Somehow Garmin has upped the standard with a series of machines 2006/2010 that have more features, are as easy to use, and have as good, if not a better screen, and awesome charts for half the price!

Garmin has already set an affordable standard in aviation products for light planes and they are doing it for marine industry also.

I say go Garmin all the way! (two years ago I would have said Northstar is the only choice).

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