questions on electronic toys

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Default questions on electronic toys

i defer to your superior knowledge. is there a book/site that one would read to learn the ins and outs of gps/chartplotting/radar interfacing? three months of boat out of water-itis in front of me. wont be purchasing anything real soon. electronically (and mechanically) challenged. the boat came with a sitex 106mk and a standard vhf. these seem to fit my needs (inshore and real near shore outside) fishing. it came with an old loran-c but i dont get that thing at all. i'd like to fish at night, hence the radar call(?) or do i just need gps. dont want to ask too many more stupid questions on these boards. thanks, g.
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Default questions on electronic toys

Take a look at the Raymarine RL70CRC. It is a WAAS GPS chartplotter with radar all on one 7" LCD color screen. The unit lets you split the screen in tow (radar on one side and chart on other) or Overleay the radar onto the chart. Very easy to use and you can go jsut about anywhere with it. It is going to cost ya though.

Good luck.

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Default questions on electronic toys

tanks birdie
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Default questions on electronic toys


If I did a lot of night fishing I would definitly want a RADAR, and more important than that I would first buy myself a radar reflector and find a way to easily mount it up high (got outriggers?) when I was out there in the dark.

Of course a GPS has become a manditory accessory but one will not do a thing to help you see and avoid hitting things in your path. Of course its not difficult to get yourself a little confused at night and a GPS would go miles toward solving that problem.

As Birdman tells us the choice of a GPS/Radar combination that overlays the GPS picture on top of the Radar image (or is it the other way around?) would be particularly nice. I saw those units being sold at what I thought was a very very good price at the Annapolis boat show - something like $1,400 as I recall.

There is this to keep in mind about a Radar though, while they aren't as bad as they used to be back in the days of CRT screens the things still use a pretty good bit of electricity. I would be tempted to use a 3rd battery if I planed to use a RADAR at night from a dead boat, in fact I'd be much more than tempted.


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Default questions on electronic toys

I wonder if Bennett Marine Videos might have something:
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