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How do you "find the spot" survey

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Default How do you "find the spot" survey

I have a Garmin 4212 and am having difficulty finding underwater wrecks, even ones that should not be difficult (off DI - edwards/anderson liberty ships). I use the preloaded points on the nav screen with the little arrow to get on it and am not doing well at all. This sends me through the roof and I need to figure out what is wrong. The guy who installed my unit says this is a common problem and the best way is to go by the gps coordinates ie-89.XXXXXXXX 32.YYYYYY and don't go by the little arrow. He says to get to the right gps coords and you should see the wreck. I tried that and it is very difficult to get the numbers perfect and/or each moving in the necessary direction. It may be my transducer as well, I am having the sonar "lock up" on 1.5 feet (been working on that issue for a while). How do you guys nail down the wreck?????
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Use split screen...Map and Sonar.

Navigate near the wreck site and put your map on a 300ft-500ft range setting. Anything larger and you won't get close enough, anything lower and you will over steer.

Make your trail/track visible.

Put the Map in North Up mode.

Begin a search pattern by driving straight lines in a checker board fashion around the can also use figure eights or a bullseye pattern depending on sea conditions.

Watch for fish and bait on the sounder....they will give you an idea of your proximity.

Once you see the wreck on the sounder hit MOB...delete the other waypoint and rename the MOB waypoint.

Next time navigate to the new waypoint and skip the search pattern.
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Enter the #, turn on autopilot
Put the TR-1 in search mode
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Always remember to zoom in as you get closer to your mark, and keep zooming in untill you zero in. The first time I tried to find known #'s in 12' of water I didn't zoom and was in track, trail mode and was looking at spegetti after a while. Good luck
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Forget the arrow displays.... just put it in normal chart mode, zoom all the way in, and drive to the spot. I have no problem at all doing it on the few wreck sites I go to.
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Mojoe I'd be interested to see how these ideas work for you....comment back after you try it. I'm having a new Raymarine unit installed and will probably have the same issues
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I'm not sure about garmin, but on my raymarine:
Use split-screen
Keep your depth finder zoomed in to the bottom(usually bottom 30ft)
On the chart, I put the cursor on "the spot" and use the real compass to get over it.
The arrow and compass on the screen delays to much.

Also, the wreck may not be right on "the spot"(some are 150+ft off), I usually make circles. Start out small and make them larger till you find it. As soon as you see any thing on the bottom, make a new mark. Then circle it till you find the bottom structure. Also, some of "the spots" just aren't there. If I don't find them after a few passes I just move to the next one.
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The numbers will always be more accurate than your units preloaded data or the data coming from the card. You will also have a position error to contend with.

I find at a local lake that my mark for an underwater hump that i fish is about 30' to 40' feet away form where my navionics card has that same hump displayed on my screen.

In order to find it the first time i just had to circle around for a few minutes.

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