Fri pm - dead batteries

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Default Fri pm - dead batteries

I discovered them a little while ago, all was fine 2 days ago. They (2) are only about 8 months old. I guess they ran dead trying to keep the bilge pumps going during a storm last pm. I pluged in the dual pro charger but its flashing 2 red lights instead of the steady dual 5 lights. I assume this means something is not right. I would have called their 800 # but it is just past 5 pm. There is nothing helpful in the manual. Maybe the batteries are so dead that it won't charge. Should I try charging with a car battery charger overnight or will I have to buy new batteries in am? Don't even mention the possibility of lighting damage. ( I don't remember any and I'm thinking positive...)
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Default Fri pm - dead batteries

1) Hmm, ok, if you disconnect the charger, do the red lights stay on? (Should they?)

2) Put the car charger on the battery(ies) and see if they take the charge.

If either of the above two are true, the charger is fried. If the first isn't, and the charger doesn't do squat for the battery(ies), they are ng.

Tough call. 2 bad batteries or 1 bad charger. I usually vote for one thing failing than 2, but you could have a short in one and have them wired in a way that drained the other and is causing a fault on the charger. It all depends.......

** sigh **
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Default Fri pm - dead batteries

You don't mention that you have disconnected all wiring between the batteries and the boats electric system before you try to recharge the batteries....just in case it's a wiring problem.
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Default Fri pm - dead batteries

I jumped the batteries with my truck and I discovered the culprit. Apparently the port motor trim switch went postal during the night and was stuck in the "up" position. (I thought it was odd that I had left one engine up and the other down). Anyway I couldn't get the thing to turn off. I fiddled with the up and down switches and the battery on/off switch until it quit - now seems to operate normally. I now have enough juice to run the dual pro charger but I'm very worried that this might happen again. I've got yamaha 150 hpdis, anybody heard of this type of behavior before?
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Default Fri pm - dead batteries

It could be a short in the trim and tilt wires in the throttle handle. I had a similar problem with an omc throttle but I wouldn't think that would happen if you had the battery switch turned off. My motor would trim up while underway when the wires in the throttle handle shorted out. Good luck.

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