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alstimeg 04-20-2004 02:11 PM

Lowrance Global Map 5000c
I just bought the Lowrance GPS, had it flush mounted in my new HS 2800 wa, placed the Navonics Gold in the machine and got nothing!!!
The machine doesn't recognize the chip. We took the chip and placed it in my friends machine (same) and the chip works great. Now I know it's the machine.
Lowrance says I might have an old version of hardware on the GPS (I just purchased it in February) or I might have to send the unit back.
I can't believe they don't test these things before sending them out. It's not like we're buying a pack of chewing gum or something. So if I do have to send it back, I first have to rip it out of the new boat.

Anyone with any ideas as to what else it could be before I start ripping???

Dave M 04-20-2004 06:05 PM

RE: Lowrance Global Map 5000c
Do a reset on the machine.

Shorty 04-20-2004 06:19 PM

RE: Lowrance Global Map 5000c
I read on another thread that you have to power the antenna also........Just checking to make sure you did.....

SRE372 04-21-2004 05:47 AM

RE: Lowrance Global Map 5000c
You have to select that map in setup otherwise it will use the built in map

Jeff@Navionics 04-21-2004 05:22 PM

RE: Lowrance Global Map 5000c
You will need to download the software update for the unit from the lowrance website . The newest version is 1.5.0. This will fix the read problem.

In Lowrances defense, the Gold was just released last year. The 5000 needed the software upgrade to make it read the new Gold charts. All of the new units have the most current version. Chances are, the unit you purchased was manufactured before the Gold release, so it has the older software. No difference in units, it just needs the software to get it going.


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