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Fishinghaoliboy 01-10-2009 09:36 AM

Which transducer
I have recently installed a Lowrance Lcx 25c sonar/GPS and also installed a transom mount DF transducer from Lowrance. I am wanting to upgrade the transducer. I see alot of posts indicating the B-60 tilted transducer from Airmar is where to go next. Or go to the B-260 transducer, the third option seems to be the B-164 1 kw transducer. Is no one running the B-258 which has much better specs than the B-60 and not as good as the B-260 but a significant savings over the B-260. Tried to do searches on this and not much if anything shows up for the B-258 transducer. I fish in Hawaii and bottom fishing for me starts at 400 ft. and goes down to 700 ft. Hence I wanted a 1 kw transducer to help with finding fish and haditat at such depths. Is anyone running the B256/B258 series transducer in deep water?

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