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KenZ 04-03-2004 08:47 AM

Handheld VHF / GPS
I am looking for a good handheld VHF and GPS or combo to have on my boat for emergencies / backup. Was curious on what many of you would recommend, Thanks...

Themis Sal 04-03-2004 09:17 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have a Uniden Voyager that i bought for about $165, as well as a Garmin 60c that I bought for $369, which I think is a great toy. Both of these are suitable for backups to your fixed mount VHF and GPS plotters. A word of caution on cost. The Garmin 60c sounds great at $369, but when you add in Bluechart CD and thingies, the cost gets up there.

If I didn't have these now I'd be real tempted to look for a combo portable VHF and GPS, but I don't think any are made that incorporates chartplotting yet...

Greg Manning 04-03-2004 11:56 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have an older Garmin mapping but a good back up GPS. It has a mount and soft sided case. Its gathering dust here...I have the manual but its incomplete..Garmin could probably help there. Say $30 if you are interested. Greg

San Man 04-04-2004 02:37 PM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
My dad just bought the new Lowrance iFinder Pro with a MapCreate package. I think he paid about $230 for everything. We used it for the first time yesterday and had in next to my Eagle 480 fixed mount. I actually found his easier to read with a smaller screen. When comparing speeds and positions, both GPS' read virtually the same. It's worth considering.

Cat O Lies 04-05-2004 08:36 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
Wouldn't you rather have the two units seperate? What if for some reason the "all in one" quits working, then you are out of a VHF and a GPS. Not a good backup solution is it? Just wanted to throw that out there as food for thought!!

Doxy 04-05-2004 09:48 PM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have an older garmin 45 handheld as a backup. It's about 7 years old and works fine. If you're looking for something to get you home in an emergency, you don't need chartplotting and WAAS, because, of course you aren't boating anywhere you don't have a paper chart ;) Once in range, you can pick up nav aids, landforms, etc. So with that in mind, check out ebay, IMO.

MustangMike 04-06-2004 02:46 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have a Standard Horizon HS350XS and a Garmin ETrex. Both work just great for a backup unit when on the big pond, plus I use them when inland on another boat. I have lost all power once on the big pond, taking out my fixed mount GPS and fixed mount VHF so carrying a handheld backup is highly recommended.

ctoth 04-06-2004 02:10 PM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have the same setup as MustangMike, and for backups and the ditch bag, they work well. Their intention isn't as a primary tool, but they fit their role.

jcannonh1 04-07-2004 04:05 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
last weekend i saw a combo handheld unit at boater's world. didn't have time to demo it but it seemed interesting. uniden mystic around 500 bucks. worth checking out

danielb 04-11-2004 06:31 AM

RE: Handheld VHF / GPS
I have a backup handheld vhf and I got an antennae adaptor from radio shack so I can disconnect the handheld antennae and hook it up to the 8 ft. antennae on the boat in emergencies and get better range even at 5Watts.
Separate units I feel are better. You should have backup batteries too.

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