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mid-life vision deterioration

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Default mid-life vision deterioration

Have two raymarine monitors- L760 and RL 70 C- (love them)- however my 25 steigercraft allows me to only mount one on the dash and one overhead. I need reading glasses and use progressive lenses so it is no problem reading the map info on the screen on the unit on the dash. However, the one overhead is a different matter. To read even the largest map lettering i have to tip my head way back and let me tell u, reading that way is no easy matter when the boat is bouncing.

I cant be the only one with this problem. Is there a magnifying screen or devise made to fasten over or overlay the monitor screen? I've tried places for the visually impaired but nothing that wouldn't have to be juryrigged- although I'm open to ideas that would help me construct something that is secure and marine grade. Custom glasses with reading lens on top and bottom is an awkward and expensive option.

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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

I have pointed this problem out many times in this and other forums. If you're near or over 40, mounting instruments in an instrument box overhead is a poor idea....for exactly the reason you now have discovered. There are two solutions...well really three if you consider moving the gear an option. One solution is to get custom lenses with another reading area on the very top. There is however a cheaper option which may require a little trial and error. You can buy plastic reading stick on lenses that are normally added to those inexpensive magifying glasses that one buys at the drug make them into bifocals. You can buy those stick on lenses on the internet. I would suspect that you could carefully apply them to your sunglasses/glasses on the top and effectively have trifocals.

Here's a URL that will give you an idea of what I'm talking about with installation instructions

Note that these are easily you can try without permanently ruining your progressive lenses by using an add on lens with glue.
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

I know exactly what you are talking about. My problem had been with the VHF located in an overhead electronics box. Found a way around that one though.........Icom has a thing called a CommandMic that is sold as a remote station for big boats with multiple stations. It works really great when mounted on a CC dash. All of the controls are in your hand except for the Distress call button. Sure helps keep me from getting a stiff neck from looking up at that radio display with my bifocals.
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

I make my living taking care of vision problems. Even in my own case I finally decided the best option was to locate everything down rather than up. Yes there are double bifocals for overhead viewing but most people do not like the standard 14 mm separation between the upper and lower segments. Bigger screens and further distance will help in some cases. I did this on my own boat. Good luck and let us all know of any interesting solutions.
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

Thanks for the info TT.....That has always been a problem for me..I dont wear glasses but need reading glasses.

On the boat just use sunglasses...Then when it comes to tieing a knot or seeing something close its a problem..I might try these....

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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

jaxsfish.. what I am about to suggest is certainly a bit of trouble but I did it several years ago and have no regrets whatsoever. I was at the point where I could no longer read while using my glasses for distance, constantly having to put them on and off (tried bifocals, they didn't work for me) a real pain. Went to the eye doctor for radial caratonomy(sp?) similar results to todays lasers surgery. The doc suggested that he fix one eye as 20-80 the other as 20-20. Sounded pretty weird to me but he said if I didn't like it he would make them both 20-20 for no additional cost and that this scenario would make me the least dependent on glasses. I took his advice and it worked great. No my vision is not perfect but I can drive without glasses and read without glasses now, biggest drawback that I have noticed since I had the operation ( 6 years ago) is that it is difficult for me to follow a gold ball off the tee after about 200 yds. Just a thought because it worked out great for me. One more thing, to read contracts or novels with small print I use reading glasses.
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration


Yup . . . not 20 80 but I had laser surgery and each eye was different, one for reading and one for distance . . . only problems are that I can not see the really small type I saw before, and have the same problem with golf balls


My VHF radio has the very large numbers so they go up top, and the mike has the channel switching controls in the mike

My AM/FM radio comes from a Ford 4x4 . . . big buttons . . . big writing over the buttons . . . very rugged . . . will not buy another of those marine radios where the buttons are so small you can use them or read what they are for without being tied up to a dock and using a magnifying glass . . . this deserves a special post
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

fixing one's eyes is probably overkill..if it's only for fishing. As far as AM/FM, many of the marine units have remote controls which can be mounted on the dash where you can see that's easy...just as it is with a remote mike on the dash. Fishfinders, GPS and Radar though are not easily fixable without moving the units to where u can see them.

Reality is that your eyes are not going to get any better, so you might as well bite the bullet now, or get that new boat you've been lusting over....,
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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration


Buy the 26 - you can mount all the electronics right in front of you. :-)

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Default RE: mid-life vision deterioration

This may sound a bit overly simple, but I did it and it worked for me (not for boating, but for flying) when I needed to look close/down, out/far and up/close. I just got a pair of glasses made with reading correction on the top and on the bottom.....I could look up at the instruments and see, out and see and down and see. It's amazing at how quickly you get used to it.

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