garmin HD vs. non HD

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Default garmin HD vs. non HD

Have any of you changed from the garmin radar to the new HD version? Any differences in the 36 closed models on the 4212?


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Default RE: garmin HD vs. non HD

Nope, returns always look blob-like to me on either one. Installation on the HD (If you can really call it that) means you can use their ethernet type cable for the video and another power cable with it. Sorry for the lack-luster response, after I've installed a few of each, I'm not all that "wowed". Other electronics web sites have echo'ed my lack of enthusiasm for the over-use of the words" High Definition Radar".
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Default RE: garmin HD vs. non HD


are your observations related to the 36nm (18" dome) solely or are they pretty much the same for the 48nm (24" dome) also? Can you direct me to some marine electronics web sites?

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Default RE: garmin HD vs. non HD

The installs have been done with the 18".

Do a google search on "Garmin HD radar", there will be one article that speaks to the beam-width's relationship to target discrimination. I have seen the lack there-of and wholeheartedly agree with the review. You can't discredit actual hands-on scrutiny. I install Ray, Furuno, Lowrance,Garmin, JRC, ... you name it. It doesn't take long to develop likes and dislikes. You have to remember that I live on the coast, I work on the coast, I see the SAME targets (bridges, Channel Marking bouys, sea walls, above ground water tanks, etc.) I walk new people through their basics while on the water.

Hopefully, my comments-at the very most, will inspire people to get out and try these things BEFORE they buy them and become cheerleaders reguardless of what they know about other people's radars.
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