Garmin 76Cx or 76Cs

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Default Garmin 76Cx or 76Cs

Am considering a new handheld to be used as backup unit. Will stick with Garmin, as myoldGarmin (48?) is still going strong after all these years. Leaning towards one of the above two, but am open to suggestion, such as the Colorado. The 76CS has compass and barometer built in, and a graph of barometric change, which I'd like to try to see if it's of practical value for a day of offshore fishing. It also has longer battery life at 30 hours. The 76Cx has microSD card slot for easier loading of maps. But it has no compass or barometer, and only 18 hour battery life. Both have 115MB build-in memory.

Can someone explain how you'd go about loading maps to both of these units. What would I have to buy, and how expensive are they? Do I have to buy Mapsource CD orBluecharts CD, or both?Is a blank microSD and the CD's a better option than a pre-programmed microSD for the 76CX? Just trying to figure out total cost and ease of use with both units.

FYI, I really only use my boat locally, so only need one local area chart for my personal use. However, although of secondary importance,I would liketo be able to travel with the unit on boat deliveries, so ease of loading other areas, and at a reasonable cost, is a consideration.

Leaning towards the 76CS for the barometric graph and better battery life. But not sure how much benefit the microSD slot might be on the 76CX as to lower cost and ease of use in loading maps.
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Default Re: Garmin 76Cx or 76Cs

I think it boils down to whether or not your anticipated deliveries will be to different regions. Its pretty easy to load these units from CD, and more economical when you need two different regions. At three regions, you do not want to buy all those Micro SDs.

I'm not happy with the compass feature, and prefer to have a wet compass to look at quickly, but the barometer is potentially useful. A NOAA weather receiver is more useful for that. So:

If you're not going far, the Cx is it. If you are going to transit 2 or more chart regions, and you are taking a PC along, go for the CS. If you don't want to drag a laptop along, Get a UTAH!
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Default Re: Garmin 76Cx or 76Cs

I talked to Garmin this morning at length. 99% of the time, I'd be using it just as a backup in North Carolina waters only. Either one will work for that, and the 76CS unit is cheaper to buy right now. And it has the barometer and compass and better battery life. If I travel with it, all I have to do is buy an unlock code and install the other region. 115MB should hold two different regions with no problem.

My 'home' region would be sorth of Newport News, VA to Charleston), chart US007R. My only concern is if I want bathy info for offshore fishing, I'd also have to buy chart US301B. Has anyone used that chart on a handheld before that can comment on it's usefulness? If I load the 'home' region, then the bathy chart, I may not have enough memory left to add ALL of another region. But it still would let me load the part of that second region up to what the memory will hold. But not very likely I'd get the bathy chart for a small screen handheld like that. I'm leaning towards a Garmin 4210, and the G2 Vision card would give the bottom info. exactly the same as US301B would.
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Default Re: Garmin 76Cx or 76Cs

I've got the 76CSx as a backup, for the kayak, hiking, etc and very happy with it. it has the barometer and compass. the maps come on a cd and are loaded through a laptop or pc and usb cable. I like it because i download tracks into my pc real easy. Realistically the 4AA batteries last about 20hrs give or take.

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