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Default Best spotlight

Not sure if this qualifies for 'marine electronics', but wondered if you guys had a 'best spotlight' that's handheld and rechargeable. Mine bit the dust, and I need to get a new one. I want one with plenty of power. But am also limited as to the space I have to store it, so it can't be too awefully large. Need to keep it around 12" X 12" or so. The one I had was around 10" X 10" X 5" wide, and it fit nicely.

Last one I bought, the lens rusted up on it after just one year. It is damp where I store it (under the leaning post), so probably my fault, but that's where I need to store it. Any suggestions? Do I need to look for something like the 3 million CP (or more) ones, or are they too large and heavy?
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Default RE: Best spotlight

I saw a smaller spot in Home Depot. Water proof, rechargeable and it was using LEDs, so, it would last 5 times longer on a charge. The one I was looking at was on the close out rack. You might give them a look.

The only downside I can think of is that the LEDs put out a blueish light.
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Default Re: Best spotlight

Buy the $30.00 one at home depot. I had several that were the 1 million CP and really dont think the 3Mil is really any brighter. The price is right to throw away and replace again than the $300-$900 units I have bought.
Good Luck
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