Furuno 600L problem

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Default Furuno 600L problem

Brand new unit with a transom mounted transducer. Used it for he first time yeserday. It's reading the bottom OK but there's a 1 1/2 inch wavy band of color from the top down. From there the screen is blue then the colored bottom structure is dispayed. It doesn't make a difference if the boat is running or dead in the water. I had the manual and tried different adjustments while driftng/running in 20 to 60 feet of water. I hope there's something I'm missing and someone can help.
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Default Furuno 600L problem

Read your manual I just purchased one and I believe it says something about that line being caused by electrical interference. May have to check your connections.
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Default Furuno 600L problem

Turn down the gain on your 600L.

I can get the same reading if, let's say, I'm in 20 ft of water and the gain is up to 3.5 or so.

If you run the unit in the manual mode, you'll have to get used to tweaking the setting of the unit as water conditions and depth change.

BTW, I don't recommend the automatic mode. It might be good for some, but hardcore anglers will want to control their own settings for the best picture of what's down there.
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Default Furuno 600L problem

I have the same unit and notice the same thing. After, having a long conversation with Furuno they informed me that is perfectly normal to have a thick "zero line". In other words, to "loose" the first few feet of depth range scale to this phenomena. It is called surface noise interference(so they say). However, you may do a few things to make it better:
1.- Make sure you are using the correct frequency 200khz for shallow and 50khz for deep water.
2.- Adjust the TVG setting in your unit. This one gets tricky since if you overadjust it you will not see small signal echoes on your screen.
3.- Use a higher range scale. You'll notice that the "Zero Line" thickness is proportional to the scale, the higher the range scale the thinner the zero line becomes.
4.- Adjust clutter control (read manual). Personnaly, I have not messed around with that one yet.

I am still familiarizing with the features of this unit but so far I like it a lot.I hope this clear a few things out for you and good luck.
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