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Default raymarine help

i just purchased a raymarine 620 chartplotter and need to have a wirring diagram to wire it to the new 125 gps ant any help is ppreciated...dave
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Default Re: raymarine help

That installation is going to be a little tricky but doable. Anyway, you need to get power to the Raystar 125 since the 620 doesn't provide power on the Seatalk bus. I'd use power from the same fuse as the 620 so power doesn't feed through the Seatalk bus if the 620 fuse blows. You will also need a 3 wire, curved connector Seatalk cable with a connector on one end and bare wires on the other. You can cut a double connector cable in half to get to the wires inside. I'd leave enough cable on the other connector to use since you might need to make up another Seatalk cable in the future.

Connect the red and green wires together from the Ray 125, the user supplied power wire and the red wire the Seatalk cable together.

Connect the yellow Seatalk info wire from the Ray 125 to the yellow wire in the Seatalk cable.

Connect the brown and shield wires from the Ray 125 to the black/ground wire in the Seatalk cable.

Plug it in and you should be good to go.
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Default Re: raymarine help

HDRyder nailed it, but there is one quirk if you are going the SeaTalk route. If the RC620 is the original, not the later RC620+ (it would say Plus up in the corner), one of the many shortcomings the unit had was that how your brought position data into the unit somewhat governed/limited how data could taken out if the unit. If you bring in data via SeaTalk, it can only export Seatalk, if it is brought in via nmea, it can only export nmea. It is irrelevant if the RC620/RS125 aren't going to be tied to anything else but themselves, but if you are feeding a radio or an autopilot and don't want to spend another $160 on a NMEA-Seatalk converter you might want to wire it is a nmea device, since the RS125 can (thankfully) go either way.
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