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Terk's new flush mount XM antenna

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Default Terk's new flush mount XM antenna

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried the new Terk flush mount XM antenna (it looks similar to a GPS antenna module). I've gone through two of the older Terk XM5 antennas used on the boat with my portable XM receiver. The SMB connection on the older model is not worth a damn and begins to not connect well to the reciever. I am hoping that this new model will be better. Thanks for the time.
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Default Re: Terk's new flush mount XM antenna

I got excited when you said flush mount, but it still has a stem.
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Default Re: Terk's new flush mount XM antenna

I have one made by Digital I believe, and it works great. Sounds exactly like what you describe - a gps looking puck on an antenna mount.

I use it for XM weather.
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Default Re: Terk's new flush mount XM antenna

I just put my Sirius magnet mount antenna (the one that comes with the receivers) on top of the electronics box and under the t-top material. Nothing is holding it in place, but I suppose I could apply a little dab of silicone sealant to hold the antenna in place.

I never see it, and I get good reception. Sometimes the excess antenna wire falls down, but I just stuff it back under the t-top material and all is good.
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