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Default Huge Help

I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

I have a 22' Champion Bay Boat. All about the boat is great EXCEPT the wiring. It's a cluster F!

I run 4 batteries, 1 crank and 3 house ( 36 v troll). When I start the outboard, I notice fluctuations in my accessories. It's obvious that the house batteries and crank battery are not completely isolated.

This weekend, with the help of electrician friend, I am going to try and resolve this problem.


1. The only component that should be operating off of my crank battery is the motor right?

2. I run a 36 v troll motor hooked in series to my house batteries. Can I also connect the same batteries in parallel to distribution panel for all 12 v accessories?

3. I currently have only one battery switch which cuts power to the entire boat. I plan to install two new switches to isolate each bank. Is it possible ( through the switches) to connect the two banks for emergency starting of motor?

Thank you in advance........
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Default Re: Huge Help

In this setup, the mfgr uses the starting battery AS the house battery. The bank of 3 (wired in series) is used solely for the trolling motor. My Ranger 2400 Bay is wired the same way. Ideally, if they had room, they would have a fifth battery to separate the house from the accessories.

If I fish several days using the electronics and livewells and don't run sufficiently to charge the starting battery, I get a low voltage situation and the motor won't start. What I did to keep me from getting stranded is to put a jumper wire from the negative of the 3 bank to the negative of the start battery. Then I wired an On/Off switch from the positive of ONE of the 3 bank group to the positive of the start battery. Now if I get in a low voltage situation on the start battery, I turn the switch on and use the 3 bank battery to jump start the start battery. It works great and is only needed on the few occasions where I regularly fish close to my launch point and don't give the house batt time to charge. Don't forget to size your wiring to accomodate cranking amps.
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Default Re: Huge Help


Again, the wiring under my console is a huge mess.


My house batts are in series for the troll motor. Can I also run a parrellel connection (off the same bank) to my distribution panel to power my 12 v accessories????

This would solve all my problems, right?

- Crank would be completely isolated
- House would be completely isolated

Now all I would have to do is figure out how to create an emergency jump swicth.
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