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Default gps???????????

hi all, what is the best gps under 500.00???????? i have a furuno 667 ff /icom vhf......had good luck with garmin hand helds.......but would like a fixed mount..thanks...jim
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Default RE: gps???????????

here's what i'd get

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Default RE: gps???????????

I agree with cgrand. I had a 182 mono on the last boat with the blue chip chart and it worked great. In addition to making the screen look almost like the chart it gave the tide info, sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset etc.. Garmin does make great chartplotters. I bought a 2010c for the new boat.
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Default RE: gps???????????

reasonable .....thanks for the info ........... jim
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Default RE: gps???????????


I'm in the same situation as you and here are my thoughts. I really like the Garman units. My mono FF works great and the feedback from THT folks is very positive on all the Garman GPS units. So the question I have is whether color is the way to go. Last year I would have said no. But with the introduction of the new LCD technology such as in the GPS 172c unit. The cost of the new color units is very close to the $500 threshold. With the new unit to be released this month and the season for us NE folks still a couple of months off I am going to wait to see if any of our southern brothers can post any feedback on the units performance. At that time I will decide weather to go another season with my handheld or break down to get a new unit, either the new color or the tried and proven 182 mono. In addition some folks that have seen the new screens at the boat shows claim the resolution is not as sharp as the existing style. I guess my question is if the new technology, while maybe not as clear as the current color screens, at the new lower costs is it better than monochrome for a few dollars more? When the units hit the store shelves i'll be checking them out side by side.

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