Antenna distance from radio?

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Default Antenna distance from radio?

I asked this question on another post but that post went in another direction.

My problem is that I want to mount my VHF radio on the top right side of my center console. But on the Shakespear website it says that the antenna should not be any closer than 3 ft from the radio. I was going to mount the radio and antenna on the right side of my center console to the right of the steering wheel. But at that location they would only be about a foot apart.

Will they still work properly or do I have to move the antenna to the left where it would propably be in my way? What are the downsides from leaving them only about a foot apart?

I would prefer not to purchase a remote mic.

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Default Antenna distance from radio?

You will be fine as long as the radio is not in the "plane" of the antenna. That is, along side the antenna. If the radio is 1 foot BELOW the antenna, it will be fine. Very little energy is released below the antenna, most of the energey is released to the sides of it and a very little bit out the top.

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Default Antenna distance from radio?

I have my radios mounted in the electronics box overhead. The antennas are mounted on top of the box. There is about 6" from the top of the radio to the bottom of an 8' antenna. I experience no radio problems.

I think you will be fine.
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Default Antenna distance from radio?

Just make sure you leave three feet of cable on the ant.
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Default Antenna distance from radio?

Here is the setup on my center console. Notice where the VHF is located in relation to the antenna mounted on a nylon flip mount, located on the console hand rail. I've never had a problem with this setup.

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Default Antenna distance from radio?

I've got an icom m45 that will go to low power setting unexpectedly because its "too close" to the antenna. Its 4' below a little Metz antenna, up on the aluminum buggy top rail. The problem is due to pickup on the extended mike cable. My mike has several control features on it, including hi/low power. So, check your mike features out, using high power and extend the mike cord in several directions while transmitting. Also, have another receiver listen to your transmit audio quality.
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Default Antenna distance from radio?

See my post on your other thread.
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