VHF kills GPS

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Default VHF kills GPS

When talking on my VHF, after a few seconds, it causes my GPS to shut down. Looking for suggestions of where to look for the cause. Thanks
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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

VHF on transmit uses a lot of power. If VHF and GPS are on the same inadaquate guage supply from the battery one would experience the problem you describe. VHF and GPS should be on separate and adaquate guage supplies from your battery.

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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

It is also recommended that the GPS antenna be at least three feet from the VHF antenna.
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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

Does sound like the VHF and GPS antenna are too close?

Cheers, Kerry.
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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

I second the vote for inadequate power. Be sure to seperate the ciruits etc.

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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

Garmin has a Ferrite Bead Filter that comes only w/ the 182c. it clamps on the antenna cable. They told me the reason its only with the 182c is because they had so many complaints about interferance w/ it.

I told them I was interested in buying the 172c and was worried about the same theng because my 180 does it. He checked with his supervisor and they are sending me 2 free.

You can buy them direct from Garmin.
The normal cost is $6.95 + $6.00 s&h
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Default RE: VHF kills GPS

Probably just a loose connection somewhere on your bus bar or in your crimps/connectors. Same thing happend to me with a 180 GPS and a SH Intrepid+. I just checked the connections and made sure everything was tight and it never happend again. A loose connection will drain power and when you key the mike on the VHF you are also sucking amps. The combination makes the GPS either lose its fix, or shuts it off completely.

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