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Marine Satellite - Sea King and KVH

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Default Marine Satellite - Sea King and KVH

Has anyone attempted an HD install of an in-motion antenna? I just spent a king's ransom installing Sea-Kings 1500HD antenna, which claims HD compatibility on their web site. As is the case with the KHV units, these really should be marketed as "partially compatible" with DirecTV - they are able to receive only the 101, 109 and 110 satellites, meaning that some 90 channels out of the 100 plus lineup on DirecTV's HD are not available.

To further frustrate the installation, the manual calls for setting the H21 satellite received for Oval-2LNB - a call to their tech support confirmed this must be set at Oval-3LNB, and the B-Band converter (also required - an external BNC connector that sits between the line in and the receiver) must be REMOVED in order for the SeaKing to fuction. After $2500 for an antenna, and $500 each for TVs and $150 each for converter boxes, I have "upgraded" to 10 channels of HD TV on DirecTV. The only real plus is that my old antenna was for dock only, so I will get in-motion TV with this new unit.

Now King Controls service was very helpful, and they did state that DISH has full compatibility with their unit - meaning if I swithc, I can get the 60 channels they offer, however I feel I was duped into buying an "interim" technology since I have no confidence this can be further remedied with any type of software upgrade.

Conversations with my installer seem to bear out the same problems with KVH, who incidentally is recommending TWO antennas to overcome the issues with dual receivers installed when one calls one of the HD satellies and the other wants the 101. Anyone have any weigh-in or additional expreience with this please? Thanks all in advance.
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Default Re: Marine Satellite - Sea King and KVH

I have been tryiing to get my Sea-King Antenna RJ9815RJ with a HDTV Converter ($230.00 extra). I have Direct TV and it worked great on the 101 119 Satellite setting. when I tried
to use the 101 110 setting all I get (On the King Control console) serching unlocked 110. and when I try to go back to 101 I have to unplug the box (King Control) and force it
to go to 101. Now you say when you called their trch support they confirmed the H21 receiver ( I also have that receiver) must be set to Oval-3LNB and that worked?
Because I have called them and I was told to try changing the coax comming from the Dish, I also tried changing the control box and key board. When I did nothing worked.
Please tell me that's all I have to do is change the dish setting to Oval-3LNB.

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Default Re: Marine Satellite - Sea King and KVH

That's absolutely right! I have assurances from a VP in their sales dept that your unit and mine are identical with the exception of the $230.00 part you bought. I got lucky, and got a guy named Dan last Saturday in their tech supt (on Saturday before Memorial day) who REALLY knew what he was doing!

He told me: "The instructions are wrong - you must set it up for Oval-3LNB so it can find the 109 and 110 when the H21 is searching." The H21 never did complete the setup, but after I canceled it with this setting, it found the 101 and 109 (I did this with the 101/109HD setting selected, also at his recommendation).

Then, when I set the receiver to 101/110, it went right there, and I was able to get HD CBS East, HD NBC East, and the other few local stations that in my area (Long Island, NY) were available on that sat. Incidentally, a second receiver is able to control the unit as well (you just have to be sure if one is on HD the other is on HD, or both on the 101 - not ideal if you have kids with dueling remotes!)

Also, you MUST remove the B-Band Converter (BBC) included with the HD21 - that is the FIRST thing they told me to do (the small bnc dongle which is clearly an after-thought of Direct's to give you capability to the KA band).

The really bad news is that Direct is MOVING the remainder of their HD lineup to the KA band.

I was in a dialogue with the same VP of sales today - they are not getting any good info from Direct, and so are scrambling to come up with a new antenna to handle this (there is literally nothing out there right now) and are recommending a switch to DISH, which their antenna roams through flawlessly on and provides all sixty channels in their lineup.

My husband tells me he will kill me if I drop "Yes Network' - not sure if DISH carries it yet, so I am in a holding pattern to contemplate the switch - if I have to watch the last few HD channels fall off of Direct, I am going to DISH and will wait to see what they come out with as next generation, but damn, this is expensive to get TV on a boat.

KVH told my installer (they cant roam between two satellites on either network) to "Buy two dishes like Madonna did!" Yeesh. Hope this helps!

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